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No description

Kevin Dietz

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Perseus

Double click anywhere & add an idea Perseus

Kevin Dietz
John Holtmeir
Ben Mahnken
Brea Roth
Bill White Characters Of The Story

King Acrisius - King of Argos, grandfather of Perseus, father of Danae

Danae - Perseus' mother, daughter of King Acrisius

Zeus - Father of Perseus, reason why Perseus is a demi-god

Perseus - Son of Zeus & Danae, a demi-god, and a fisherman

Characters (cont.)

Dictys - Man who found Perseus and Danae when they
washed up on shore

Polydectes - King of Seriphos, ruthless man who made
Danae his wife and tried to send Perseus to his death

Medusa - The only Gorgon that was mortal, and the
head that Polydectes sought.

Athena - Guided Perseus in what to do in order to kill Medusa

Andromeda - Perseus' wife whom he saved from Cetus

Cetus - The sea monster which was going to eat Andromeda

Cassiopeia - Queen of Ethiopia, boasted that she was more beautiful than Nereus, the Sea-god

Cepheus - King of Ethiopia, forced to have his daughter as a sacrifice to Cetus


* King Acrisius of Argos only had one child, Danae

* She was the most beautiful of all in the land

* Was a small comfort to the king for he wanted a son

* King went to oracle of Delphi and asked if he would
ever have a son

* Learned his daughter would have a son that would
kill him

* Acrisius contemplated killing the child immediately
after it was born but decided against it, for it would
provoke the gods wrath.

* Since Acrisius did not kill his daughter,
he made a house of bronze and sunk it

* He left open part of the roof so light
and air could come through

* Upon sitting there one day, Zeus visited
her in a shape unknown and knew that the
son she bore was also the son of Zeus

* For a time, she had kept secret that her
child had been born, and finally one day,
Acrisius had discovered that the boy was
in the world


* Acrisius would not believe that
Perseus was the son of Zeus

* He put Danae and Perseus in a
great chest and cast them out to

* This would be almost certain
death which would please him and
save him from his own death

* After spending days out on the sea,
Danae and Perseus washed up on

* They were found by Dictys, a kind
and humble fisherman Story

* Danae wished for Perseus
to become a fisherman like

* Before they could live a
happy life, Polydectes was
attracted by the beauty of

* Polydectes fell in love with
Danae and wanted her, but
not the extra baggage of her

* So, Polydectes thought of a
way to kill Perseus

* He announced to everyone
that he would be marrying
Danae Story

* As a custom, guests were expected
to bring a gift

* Perseus had nothing to give, but he
knew that the King wanted the head
of the gorgon Medusa more than any
thing else

* When searching to find where the
gorgon lair was, Hermes and Athena
came to help him

* He first needed to go to the Gray Women
and have them tell where the nymphs
of the North resided

* The Gray Women all shared one eye and
were of extremely old age Story

* With Herme's help, Perseus took the
eye when the Gray Woman switched

* He would not give it back until they told
him where the nymphs of the north were

* After Perseus had taken the eye, the Gray
Women gave him directions immediately

* After this, Hermes personally gave Perseus
a sword to attack Medusa with

* Athena also gave Perseus a shield of
polished bronze which could avoid Medusa's
power to turn him into stone


* He was to go to the country of the Hyper
Boreans, at the back of the NorthWind

* When he arrived there, with the help of Hermes, he was given three more gifts : winged sandals, a magic wallet to carry Medusa's head, and a helm of invisibility Story

* When he arrived at the island, with good fortune
all three gorgons were asleep

* With his shield, he could see them by the reflection

* Athena and Hermes was beside him and told
him which one was Medusa, for the other two
were immortal, but Medusa was not

* He then, guided by Athena, cut Medusa's head off
and dropped it into the wallet

* The other gorgons tried to get revenge, but
Perseus had the cap of invisibility and they could
not find him Story

* On his way back home, Perseus came
to the kingdom of Ethiopia and stayed
for a bit

* He came to learn that a beautiful maiden
was going to be devoured because of her
mother, Queen Cassiopeia's, arrogance

* The Queen Cassiopeia had boasted that
she was more beautiful than Nereus, the Sea-god

* The Ethiopians were being devoured by serpents
as a result of Cassiopeia and could only be freed
from it if Andromeda was sacrificed to Cetus Story

* When Perseus went to Andromeda to see
her, he immediately fell in love with her

* He waited until Cetus came to eat Andromeda
and he cut off its head the same way he did

* Perseus took Andromeda back to her parents
and asked if he could marry her, which her
parents gladly accepted

* Perseus sailed back to the island where his mother
lived with Andromeda Story

* When Perseus arrived back at the island,
he learned that Danae and Dictys were in

* They were in hiding because Danae refused
to marry Polydectes

* Perseus learned that Polydectes was holding
a banquet for all the men in favor of him

* He seized the moment and upon entering
the hall, he brought out the gorgons head before
anyone could look away

* They were all turned into stone Story

* Perseus freed the people from
the tyrant and made Dictys king

* Perseus, Andromeda, and Danae
went to Argos to be reconciled with

* When they arrived at Argos, Acrisius
had been driven away from the city

* Perseus heard that the King of Larissa
was holding an athletic contest and
journeyed there to take part in it

* When it was Perseus' turn to take part
in the activities, he threw the discus and
it fell on a spectator

* The discus hit none other than Acrisius,
the father of Perseus Story

* The oracle of Apollo was proven true, when the discus struck Acrisius, it killed him

* With his death, the troubles of Danae and Perseus came to an end

* Perseus and Andromeda lived happily ever after and their son, Electryon, was the grandfather of Hercules

* Medusa's head was given to Athena, and she bore it on Zeus' shield
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