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Copy of Social Studies Grade 7: Chapter 7:Topic A

No description

Lorelle Wheat

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Social Studies Grade 7: Chapter 7:Topic A

Power For The People Who? When? Where? Canada West decided they wanted representation by population. The politicians in Canada West began to demand more seats. They wanted representation by population. The West wanted to represent their British power. The Canadien politicians in the East however objected. The Canadiens would be outnumbered if Canada West got more seats. The fight over rep by pop led to deadlocks in the assembly. In 1846, the mercantile system was no longer working. Britain's new manufacturing industries were growing, so Britain needed to find more places to sell it's goods. Britain decided to reduce/ remove taxes on goods being imported from all countries. Britain, in turn, could sell it's goods to more countries. Britain began free trade. Lower Canada was located at what is now Québec and Upper Canada was located at what is now Ontario. The Act of Union in 1841 created a single colony that had two provinces, Canada East and Canada West. Lower Canada became Canada East and Upper Canada became Canada West. Canada East was at Québec and Canada West was at Ontario. Why? Why did British North America sign a reciprocity agreement with the United States, and how did the canceling of the agreement affect British North America? How? How did Confederation provide the populations of Québec and Ontario with more increased control over their own affairs? Who decide they wanted
" representation by population"
and why was that a problem? When did Britain
declare free trade? Where are Canada East and
Canada West Located? What? What effect did Britain declaring free trade
have on British North America? The colonies no longer had an assured market for their goods. The British were also wondering why they were keeping their colonies; Britain no longer needed them for trade. Britain wanted the colonies to pay for their own governments and defense. In return Britain would give the colonies greater control over their own affairs. Britain urged its colonies to look for other markets. The Colonies in British North America turned to the United States. In 1854, they signed a trade agreement (reciprocity agreement). Resources could flow both ways across the border free of taxes.Soon the Americans decided that they weren't getting enough out of the trade deal. After 10 years the United States cancelled the deal. The colonies faced an economic crisis. They knew the answer was union. After confederation there was an Elected House of Commons and an appointed Senate. The number of seats a province had in the House of Commons was based on representation by population. As a result Ontario and Québec had more representation. Federalism allowed them to have more control over their own affairs. Thank You Works Cited Francis, D., Scully, A., & Germain, J.(2006), Voices and Visions: A Story of Canada. ON; Oxford University Press in Canada. Books A Short Video Video Young, B. (2006), Confederation: The Creation of Canada. McGill University;Youtube Pictures http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Canadian_House_of_Commons_1916.jpg -House of Commons
http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/023002/f1/nlc006838-v6.jpg - Canada East and West Map
http://www.mcq.org/code/en/documents/french-canadian-businesses-77.html - Market Place
http://ia600806.us.archive.org/zipview.php?zip=/32/items/olcovers589/olcovers589-L.zip&file=5897354-L.jpg - Reciprocity Treaty
http://www.moneyplansos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/House-Medical-Clinic.jpg -Selling/Trading Goods
http://data2.archives.ca/e/e350/e008748903-v8.jpg - Canada West House of
Commons Canada West &
Canada East Markets Reciprocity agreement selling/trading
goods Canada
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