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Dr. Paul C Drago

Dr. Paul Drago is presently serving as MD and Otolaryngology Consultant for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina. Visit us at : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-paul-c-drago

Dr. Paul c Drago

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Dr. Paul C Drago

Best Surgeon in USA
Dr. Paul C Drago
Dr. Paul C Drago
Dr. Paul Drago is presently serving as MD and Otolaryngology Consultant for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina.
Health care Professional
Dr. Paul C Drago makes an expert of otolaryngology in Barnwell vicinity. Dr. Paul C Drago is the wonderful health care professional similarly to MD has a scientific exercising.
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For more details, Visit at:
ENT Surgeon
Dr. Paul C Drago is an ENT professional medical doctor, moreover known as otolaryngologist, otorhinolaryngologist or, rhino laryngologist, is a scientific professional in the problems of the ear or nostril or throat, and associated systems of the pinnacle and neck. For more information, contact with Dr. Paul.
Best Otolaryngology
Dr. Paul C Drago is an authorized otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon capable of perform a wide variety of operations and scientific procedures and he is likewise MD in scientific department of Correction.
Skin Specialist
If you have any pores and pores and skin related troubles like wrinkles, lose pores and pores and skin, and so on. Truly consult Dr. Paul C Drago is a professional clinical medical doctor in beauty surgical remedy facial plastic & reconstructive surgical treatment. Dr. Paul C Drago is a licensed otolaryngologist to execute an extensive blended % of operations and healing approach. He offers out of the everyday idea and fee for each considered one of his patients. Particularly recommended!!
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Paul C Drago is the pleasant professional in otolaryngology is likewise being licensed. Dr. Paul C Drago is certainly a person with a first rate coronary heart. The warranty made with the useful resource of manner of him to boost the desires for regular solaces of the awful and decided humans is excellent.
Best Ear Specialist
Otitis Media is due to a blockage of the Eustachian tube in the course of a chilly, hypersensitivity, or top respiration infection and the presence of microorganism or viruses leading to an accumulation of fluid at the back of the eardrum. Dr. Paul C Drago, MD currently serves inside the South Carolina branch of Corrections as scientific Director and Otolaryngology consultant.
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