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Lawrence Sullivan Ross

No description

Gabe Henchey

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Lawrence Sullivan Ross

Lawrence Sullivan
Ross Born in Iowa Territory
September 27, 1838 Jobs:
Governor of TX
President of A&M
Army General Born in Bentonsport,Iowa on
September 27, 1838 Jobs:
Governor of Texas
President of A&M
Confederate army general Contributions:
Governor of Texas
Confederate army general Contributions:
Governor of Texas
Confederate army general I had a bad start, but I’m usually a strong second-half runner ... I just tried to push myself to the finish in the second half of the race and it worked out well for me. I give props to the kid from North Ridgeville. I know he’ll do great things next year
-Lawrence Sullivan Ross He was poisoned and died in
Brazos County, Texas Parents
Dad: Shapely Prince Ross
Mom: Catherine H. Fulkerson Siblings:
Brothers: Peter Fulkerson Ross
Mervin Ross
Willliam H. Ross
Sisters: Mary Rebecca Ross Barnard
Margaret Virginia Ross Harris
Ann Ross Fitzwilliams
Kate Ross Padgitt Children:
Sons: Mervin Ross
Neville Ross
Frank Ross
Harvey Ross
Daughters: Elizabeth Ross Clarke
Florine Ross Harrington -he got the trust and approval of Sam Houston
-he spent the eight years of reconstruction farming near Waco with his wife and growing family
-he was reelected in 1888 and served until 1891
-Ross's time in office was later considered one of exceptional good will and harmony http://www.civilwarinteractive.com/Biographies/BiosLawrenceSullivanRoss.htm









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