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What do you know about the Holocaust?

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Michael Stroh

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of What do you know about the Holocaust?

19.1 The Holocaust and Poland
The Nazis
To gain political power, Nazi's need to blame someone for Germany's problems
--they pick the Jews
"The Night of Broken Glass"
1938: Nationwide night of terrorizing Jewish establishments
(Jewish businesses and synagogues burned, 91* Jews die)
: hatred for people who are Jewish.
What was the Holocaust?
think about this question:
What do you know about the Holocaust?
Think of some things you know about it, or remember from last year.
State-sponsored? (it was promoted by the Nazi Government)
Systematic? (there was a detailed system set up in order to gather as many Jews as possible.
A long history: Jews have been blamed for everything from witchcraft to the plague and even to societal problems like unemployment.
Communism-Jewish relation?
Democracy-Jewish relation?
"Lost us WWI"
A life-style: "outcasts" only 1% of German pop.
A lot of Anti-Semitism comes from a fear of the "unknown" of Jewish lifestyle.
Not just a "Nazi/German thing"
Proof: many countries don't allow the Jews to immigrate to their countries (including the USA)
Hitler's Goal
Hitler wants a "racially pure" Germany, so "what is there to do about the Jews?"
Nuremburg Race Laws:
1935, A set of rules to separate Jews from "Aryans" (German blood)
Nazis define the "Jewish Race" = 3 or 4 Jewish grandparents.

Pseudoscience (Pseud = false): the creation of a fake-science to measure Jewishness (imperfect) and Aryanness (perfection)
Eugenics: the belief that the human race can be perfected by limiting the spread of "inferior genes"
Nazis invade Poland, 1939
The killing of Jews begins on a large scale
Poland had many more Jews than Germany
"Mobile killing squads" follow the army to hunt down Jews.
The "Final Solution"
Nazis figure out an answer to their "Jewish Question"--Concentration and Death Camps
("killing centers")
Auschwitz becomes the most deadly--over 1 million Jews are killed there.
Gas Chambers made to kill Jews "efficiently"
Soon, word gets out what is happening, the war takes on a whole new meaning
"Crimes against Humanity"
1945: Nuremburg, Germany: 21 Nazi leaders are put on trial.
the killing of a people based on race, ethnicity or nationality.
Russians become first to liberate camps.
The Holocaust and Poland
3 Million Jews once called Poland home.
Today, less than 9,000 Jews live there
(Poland is 95% Roman Catholic today)
Post WWII Poland
After the Nazis left, Communist Russia takes over Poland from 1945-1980
The Holocaust and Communism left the Polish with trying to figure out their own
National Identity
:The sense characteristics that make a "nation"
Learning Target:

What was the Holocaust and how is Poland affected by it today?
Germans and Jews couldn't marry
Jews couldn't be out after nightfall
Jews had to wear a Yellow Star
The Holocaust
: The state-sponsored, systematic killing of over 6 million Jews during World War II by the Nazis and their collaborators.
S.S. St. Louis
Video Time
The word Genocide is created
2) Have notes ready
937 people, mostly Jews, denied entry to the US, Canada, and Cuba
Britain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands take them, only the ones in Britain were truly safe. nearly half of the others died in the Holocaust
It was publicized, yet no one seems to care
1) Turn in Maps
23 main camps
-each with nearly 40 subcamps
-over 1,100 Jewish 'ghettoes'
-nearly 1,000 'concentration' camps
-nearly 30,000 slave labor camps
6 "death camps" which killed almost half of all Jews during the Holocaust
"the root of corruption in Germany"
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