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The Invention of the Electric cell: Alessandro Volta

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joshua bedford

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Invention of the Electric cell: Alessandro Volta

Volta Thanks for listening Alessandro Volta Intro
Alessandro Volta was an Italian Physicist who invented the First electric cell {Battery}. He worked with another man called Luigi Galvanti who tried to make the first battery using metal and frogs legs! Believe it or not that actually conducted some electricity! Early life
Volta was born on the 18th February 1745 in Como and was raised in a Catholic family who were very strict about religion. He went to a Jesuit school and his teachers thought he would make a great Jesuit priest. {Jesuit is a part of a church} However he was already interested in electricity. Early works
He became a physics professor at the Royal School in Como. A year later, he improved and Made popular, the electrophorus, a device that produced a static charge. His promotion of it was so extensive that he is often Said of to invented it even though a Swedish scientist did. Contributions to society today

Now thanks to Volta we can store and move around electricity and discharge it to other things to make them run without having to plug them into a wall. So all of you who have Ipods or Ipads or Psp's or any other device that isn't plugged in that is all because of this guy and the invention of the electric cell. The Creation of the Battery
The battery made by Volta is credited as the first electrochemical cell. It consists of two electrodes: one made of zinc, the other of copper. The electrolyte is sulfuric acid and it exists in the form SO42. The zinc, which is higher than both copper and hydrogen in the electrochemical series, reacts with the negatively charged sulfate (SO42). The positively charged hydrogen protons capture electrons from the copper, forming bubbles of hydrogen gas. This turns the zinc rod the negative electrode and the copper rod the positive electrode.

We now have two terminals, and the current will flow if we connect them.
The copper does not react, functioning as an electrode for the chemical reaction.
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