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Teens and Driving

No description

Will Newell

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Teens and Driving

teens do need to drive so they can get to school and back
speeding and driving
when a teen and his friends are driving they are more likely to speed, because more or less there trying to show off.
Careless and Irresponsible teens
Texting and driving

Average text takes your eyes off the road for
seconds, enough time to cover football field at
55 mph.
Teens and Driving
The Legal Driving Age Needs to be Changed to 17
this could be you
Novice drivers begin to make secondary tasks less frequently than more experienced drivers
Our generation of teens today is not mature enough to drive.
more then
of teens each year are the cause of speeding and driving
of all drivers under age 20 more likely to crash because of texting/calling.
In the last three months there was a two-fold increase in risky distractions.
teens are the leading cause of crashes in the united sates.
deaths with teens between
ages 15-19 were caused by another
driver texting behind the wheel.
Some think, the legal driving age (16) should remain the same...
In 2011,
in crashes involving a
distracted driver.
most teens don't realize the risks of speeding and driving
Teens are utterly irresponsible
It is evident that teens should be driving at an older age.
teens should also be able to drive so that they can get places that they need to go
Texting while driving
Careless driving
Another reason why teens should not drive is because of there speeding habits.
South Carolina
1.3 million

but still teens should not able to drive to these places they are utterly irresponsible.
if a teen is distracted for more then a few seconds bye games or a text i can lead to a fatal crash
if a teen is distracted for more then a few seconds by games or a text it can lead to a fatal crash
To lower or
raise the age?
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