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NMSU Study Abroad-General Spring 2013

No description

Arthur Tillbrook

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of NMSU Study Abroad-General Spring 2013

Financial Aid 60 + NMSU Study Abroad Scholarships
NMSU Colin Williamson Scholarship
NMSU Faculty- Led and Intensive Language Scholarship
Gilman Scholarship
Freeman-Asia Scholarship
Boren Award for International Study
Fulbright Universidad de Pablo Olavide in Spain
Donghua in China
La Rochelle in France
Beijing Univeristy of Technology in China Donghua Language Program

Study Chinese for the summer

Shanghai, China

Amazingly Affordable! (Confucius Institute) CPI Spanish Program

Study Spanish for the summer

Three locations in Costa Rica, Heredia,
Flamingo, Monteverde

Beach location, Forest location, Urban

Program Specific Scholarships PIEE Spanish Language and Culture Program

Beautiful Malaga, Spain

Offer Business courses as well

Stay with a host family or in an apartment

Program Specific Scholarships AFFORDABLE!!!! Spice up your life with Study Abroad! Go Almost Anywhere in the World Spice up your life! Scholarships NMSU Tuition In-state tuition (Even for out of state students!) Pell Grants, Loans, Lottery Scholarship, and other Scholarships you recieve + + = We have staff and advisors to help you every step of the way! Intensive Language Programs NMSU Exchanges-Business Oriented Study Abroad While Taking Classes in English Universidad de Pablo Olavide IB 318, 398, 458, and 475
ECO (Viewing a Wider World)
ECON 300E, 340, and 350
SPAN 111, 112 + Lab, 315 Located in Seville, Spain on a 345 acre campus.
Study for a semester or an academic year.
Live with a host family. Classes Beijing University of Technology Located on the west coast of the Pacific.
Visit places of interest in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall and Temple of Heaven. Classes IB 300E x2
IB 398
BLAW 300E La Rochelle Business School Classes Upper Division Business 300E and Finance 300E
FIN 341
MKT 303, 310, and 317
MGT 309 This historical, nautical and seaside city has a total of 147,000 inhabitants.
The town is known for its strong involvement in different sports including rugby, sailing and basketball. Donghua University Flight support provided.
Located in Shanghai, China.
Situated at the northeast part of the College Park
of Songjiang. Classes IB 475
ASTAT 251 What are you waiting for! It's more affordable than you think.
Earn needed credit.
Study in English.
We keep it simple.
Career development.
A great opportunity for personal growth. Schedule an appointment! Choose Program and Time We will help you figure out where and when to go! + = AWESOME! La Rochelle Business School Classes (Fall)
Tourism Marketing
Business Game
Cross Cultural Management
Project Management
Food and Beverage Managemnet
Toursim Policy, Planning, And Development Classes (Spring)
Sustainable Development in Tourism
Finance and Revenue Management
International Event Management
Coastal Tourism Management
International Convention and Lodging FH Joanneum-University of Applied Sciences Hospitality Management
Social and Historical Foundations of Health Tourism
Rural Tourism Development
Cultural and Urban Tourism Contemporary Japan Program in Nagoya
The Japanese Tourism Industry: Hospitality and Travel
The Japanese Tourism Industry: Tourism and Destination Development Contemporary Japan Program in Nagoya
FH Joanneum-University of Applied Sciences
La Rochelle Business School NMSU Exchanges-HRTM Oriented Study Abroad While Taking Classes in English University of Western Sydney
Deakin University-Warrnambool/Geelong NMSU Exchanges-Criminal Justice Oriented Study Abroad While Taking Classes in English University of Western Sydney Intervention Strategies in Criminal Justice
Psychological Aspects of Crime and Criminal Justice
Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
Issues in the Criminal Justice System Deakin University-Warrnambool/Geelong The Criminal Justice System
Criminal Law and Procedure
Crime, Criminology and Policing
Sex, Crime and Justice in an Electronic Age
Electronic Crime NMSU Exchanges NMSU tuition and sometimes room and board.
Great relationships built with the schools around the world.
Study abroad for a semester or year. GO GREEN GO GLOBAL We can get you there! Study Abroad! Check out our awesome programs! Information Sessions Wednesday and Thursday 4:00-5:00
Milton Room 81 = Information Sessions
Wednesday and Thursday
Milton Room 81
4-5pm +
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