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10 facts about me !

No description

paulin Mathourais

on 19 May 2018

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Transcript of 10 facts about me !

20 things about me !
I have done part of tow musical comedy!
I have already had a photoshoot for a contest!
I have already riden a camel!
I have done 3 years of theater!
I have already been in Tunisia!
I have already been in Baléares!
I have been already been in Maroc!
I have done 3 years of trumpet!
I have been see star 80 in a concert!
I have already ascend in triumphal arch!
I have already done a talent show from college!
I have already been at the Beauval zoo!
I have already been at the futuroscope!
I have bringed a hat to every trip abroad!
I have took plane 6 times!
I have already danced on a parking!
I have done a keychain collection !
I have a big birthmark in the back!
I have already been at the disneyland Paris!
I have started glasses at 2 years old!
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