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Powering Connecticut Into The Future: Coal

No description

Ashley McCarthy

on 19 February 2010

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Transcript of Powering Connecticut Into The Future: Coal

Powering Connecticut Into The Future:Coal Coal is fossil fuel from the remaims of plants milllons of years ago. Coal is a non-renewable resource
That is made up mostly of carbon How is coal obtained?? Coal is mined both underground and above ground Coal is produced in the US in mining sites
that are both above and below ground Coal is readily availible and will be for the next 200 years Coal is turned into the energy we use by bein gburned to create steam that spins turbines. But what happens with the smoke produced during burning and how does it effect us? The smoke is released into the air and creates smog and acid rain that is bad for the enviroment. Also the mining of the coal causes unsightly landscapes and a loss of a home for many animals.
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