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Tumblr v. Instagram

By: Tajanae L. Crawford

Tajanae Crawford

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Tumblr v. Instagram

What is Instagram? "the user interface is nice regardless"
- Phandriod.com Why Choose Tumblr: The Good and Bad Why Choose Instagram: The Good and Bad This shows the competitive nature of social networking sites.
As they grow new platforms are added to compete with users interests.
Also, as more sites become relevant in each users eyes the success of social networks can decrease over time. Tumblr v. Instagram By Tajanae L. Crawford A free photo sharing website and social networking site founded in October of 2010.
Allows users to share pictures through other social media outlets as well as Instagram itself.
Allows users to use a filter when taking digital pictures with mobile devices.
App for : Google play and Apple’s App store
Instagram has developed start ups like Webstagram that allows users to access their profiles on the web. Instagram's Timeline Instagram Filters: What is Tumblr? Micro blogging platform.
Supports all media types.
Tumblr's original funding came from Karp'searningsas a software consultant at parenting siteUrbanBaby.
In early June 2012, Tumblr featured its first major advertising campaign in affiliation with Adidas. In that, Adidas launched an official soccer Tumblr blog that advertised on users dashboards. Tumblr's Timeline "...cuts the time required to organize posts."
-Informationweek.com "But blogging on Tumblr is sort of like being in high school. But you know deep-down that you can't be in high school forever. Eventually, you have to move on."
-Posterous Tumblr precent of Searches from January 2012 to October *- Source: Google Trends Smartphones are used by nearly half of Americans -Huffington Post
43% of americans are addicted to social media. -edelmandigital.com
Each caters to 8 or more languages spoken around the world. "Instagram is an excellent way to turn mundane images into cool-looking photos you can share with friends. The new maps feature means people can easily browse all your geotagged shots." -CNET "Photo Map features default to showing all your geotagged shots, which could be dangerous under some circumstances."
-CNET is not supported for Blackberry and Windows Phones What do internet users prefer? Percent of Instagram searches from January 2012 to October *- Google Trends Line of Best Fit: y = .709X+50.6 Line of Best Fit: y = 10.406X + (-8.533)

These two companies will never exactly intersect but in June of 2012 they came very close. (the margin is by one hundreth of a percent.) approx. What can contribute to the success of both companies in 2012? , supports almost every media type. Thankyou :) Works cited: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instagram
http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=tumblr%2C%20instagram&date=1%2F2012%2012m&cmpt=q Based on the data presented internet users prefer Instagram Because this is a new social network plaatform that provides a different type of communication the percentage of internet users is higher than Tumblr. The rate at which Instagram became popular is over a 2 year period where as to Tumblr which has 5 year period. My Prediction: I predicted that by the end of November about 103% of internet users will be intrested in Instagram I predicted that about 63% of internet users will be intrested in Tumblr approx. Conclusion:
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