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Year 10 Audit/Smart Targets

No description

Stacy Hancock

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Year 10 Audit/Smart Targets

Year 10
Skills Audit/ SMART Targets

Setting SMART Targets
Be honest...
Use your experience from your previous school/outside of school activities before BOA
AND the work you have done since your show case up to today's date
On your sheet write down your own definition of each of the terms.

If you're not sure ask 3 members of the class before coming to me.

For all the terms write down an example of an exercise where you have developed this skill (some may be blank for now or some maybe from Mr Eagles rehearsal lessons too!)

Skills Audit -
What does it all mean?
“I want more money.”

Have I succeeded if I find 1p in the street?

What if I find 50p?

How would I know?

“I want to be a brilliant actor.”

Have I succeeded if I can learn my lines?

Have I succeeded if i find a great costume?

What if it takes me the whole 2 years
of my Btec to do it?

Am I still successful?

“I want to learn how to act” is NOT specific.
“I want to be able to stay in character consistantly” is specific.

Measurable targets tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed.
“I want to be at using my voice” is not measurable. How much better do you need to be to achieve your goals? What are you measuring?

“I’m going to read every play by William Shakespeare this term” is probably NOT achievable...

Neither is:
“I’m going to perform Hamlet better than David Tennant by only watching the David Tennant recording”

An achievable target has to be something you can do.
“I am going practice the vocal exercises Miss Hancock teaches me for 10 minutes every day” is probably achievable for most people.

What I’m going to do needs to help me to get what I want.

If I want to be a great actor, finding out about famous actor's lifestyle and fmaily probably won’t help.

It would be more useful to do some specific acting exercises every day!

If I don’t know how much time I have, I don’t know when to take action.
How hard do I have to train?
When does my work have to be completed?
“I want to be able to perform a 2 minute monologue without forgetting any words by October half term” is a timed target.
Now I can arrange a rehearsal routine.

Get a better grade in Acting

Join in more in class

Improve my spelling

Achieve a Distinction in Acting work by Christmas
Put my hand up at least five times in every Acting lesson by October half term
Practice/test key vocabulary in Acting with my friends/family each weekend until Christmas

1 - 5 scale
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