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UNit 3: Regulatory bodies

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Vicky Rodgers

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of UNit 3: Regulatory bodies

Learning Objectives
1. To
the different regulatory bodies that influence health and saftey in sport
2. To
the different regulatory bodies that influence health and saftey in sport
Each of you will research one of the regulatory bodies and make notes using the sheets provided.....

Consider the following questions when conducting your research...
What are they responsible for?
How does it apply to sport?
Why is it an advantage?
Why might it be a disadvantage?

Health and Safety Executive
Local Authority
Training and information provision
Promotion of health and safety
Licencing events at sports venues
Investigating accidents, incidents, near misses, complaints and occupational health issues
Providing advice to everybody relating to health and safety issues
Carrying out inspections to ensure complience with health and safety law
Local Education Authority
Part of a local council or authority and are responsible for education within that council's area
Have responsibility for all state schools, allocate how many places are available and employ all teachers
Have 3 roles....
The Regulatory Bodies
Health and Safety Executive
Local Authority
Local Education Authority
The Adventurous Activities Licencing Authority (AALA)
National Governing Bodies (NGBs)
UNit 3: Regulatory bodies
The Adventerous Activities Licencing Authority (AALA)
National Governing Bodies (NGBs)
What are Regulatory Bodies?
Let's get thinking....
What kind of room has no doors or windows?
5 minute research task...
Regulatory Bodies:
recognised by National Government as being the body
for the
approval of processes
within a specific area.

Inspects work places
Provides public information
Enforces good standards by advising organisations on how to improve
Prosecutes if required improvements haven't been made
Investigates accidents and causes of ill health
1. To guarentee the infrastructure of a universal school system. This means that...
every child has a school place
children with special educational needs recieve appropriate education and support
changes in the school population are planned for
children entitled to free school travel recieve it
large school building projects can be managed and funded
To lead the local education community
To set a vision for education
To bring different partners together to achieve change and improvement
3. To offer support to heads, governors and teachers and to monitor and challenge performance in schools
The main purpose of the police force is to....
uphold the law fairly and firmly
prevent crime
pursue and bring to justice those who break the law
This is an independent, cross-departmental public authority
It is an independent watchdog for the delivery of outdoor adventure activities for young people
Aim of licencing scheme is to provide assurances to the public about the safety of activity providers
A licence indicates that a provider has been inspected by AALA and that is meets all standards
Each sport is represented by a governing body of sport that defines the way in which the sport operates through sports clubs and societies
NGBs must demonstrate that theyhave identified the risks and provide adequate guidance to associated clubs and societies on how to assess and control them in order to meet their legal obligations
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