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inca prezi

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David Burger

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of inca prezi

Two major cities of the Inca where Manchu Picchu and Cuzco. Manchu Picchu is located in Peru, south America. It is 2,430 meters above sea level. It's located so high up because they want to be close to the sun god. Cuzco is the capital of the Inca civilization in 1532. Cuzco is considered the archeologist capital of the Americas. Most of the architecture in Manchu Picchu and Cuzco are made out of stones. THE INCA EMPIRE The population of the Inca empire was between six and fourteen million extended from Colombia to Chile. The Inca empire can be found in Peru, Central Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador. INCA CIVILIZATION SOCIETY RELIGION The Incas worshiped many gods and belived ther was a god for every aspect on earth such as the sun, the moon, the lightning etc. one of the main gods was inti the sun god. another god was supay the god of death in andean diablada. another powerful god is the creater god Viracocha. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The Inca civilization was a very smart tribe. These are some of there famous inventions the Transportation Network, Rope Bridges, Khipus, Terrace Farming, and the Freeze-drying. An example of the Inca technology was the quipu. the quipu was a recording devices historically used in the region of the Andean south America. BY DAVID BURGER THE INCA CIVILAZATION THE MATHEMATICS WRITING SPORTS DAILY LIFE FOOD CITIES The Inca society was ruled by their ancestors. The ancestors were the people that established the city Cuzco. The emperor or king was called the sapa. After the sapa the villic umu was the most important. The villic umu means high priest. The common Inca people were organized in groups.
Each group was like a family unit. There were 10 to 20 people in each group. Each group was called an ayllu. In each ayllu, each person was assigned a job. Common people had no freedom. They could not own or run a business. They couldn't own luxury goods. The only items common people would have in their home were things they needed for their job. A part of the incas diet was potato (papa) but, not just one or two kinds of potato the Incas had forty types of potatoes (in colors of white, yellow, red, pink, gray, brown, purple, black, spots and stripes). Another part of the Incas diet was corn. there were so many names for corn like sara, choclo, and saraaka. the Incas developed a method of recording information which didn't involve writing, it involved knots in strings called a qupiu. the quipu was a tool with one end fix and the other end loose if one wanted two represent the number 243 then two small knots would have to be tied close together close to the fixed end to represent the hundreds place, four knots in the middle to represent the tens place and three close to the loose end to represent the ones place. The incas never got to write like us but they had there own type of writing called the quipu. they kept records on this on what people owed the empire in gold, silver, wood etc. the sapa also used the quipu to keep track of the population. In the Inca civilization they play a sport that is a mixture of basketball, kickball, and soccer its called Tlachti. Tlachti is not a fair game because the teams are mixed up. its played with protective gear and the losers are sacrifice to the gods. pictures
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