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Non infectious reasons for pregnancy loss/abortions

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Alex Souza

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Non infectious reasons for pregnancy loss/abortions

Alex Souza, DVM PhD
Dairy advisor - Tulare/Kern

Non-infectious reasons for

loss & abortions
in dairy cows

Postpartum management: BCS loss
Heat stress - CA herds
Carvalho, Souza
et al. JDS 2014
Postpartum management: anovular condition
Type of synch program used
Wiltbank's lab UW-Madison
Circulating P4 pre-ovulation
Souza & Silva, in progress
Sterry, Paul Fricke et al. 2006
Rodrigues, Vasconcelos et al. 2011
Variables near the time of AI
courtesy: Dr. Paul Fricke - UW Madison
Courtesy: Dr. Jose Santos - UFL
Chebel et al. 2004
Health postpartum
Bisinotto, Santos et al. 2012
Data present by J. Santos - DCRC webinar
Mycotoxins and other dietary factors:
disturbing overal health and fertility

Fink-Gremmels 2008
Souza et al. ADSA 2014

Effect of heat stress in preg loss
Lopez Gatius - 2006
Max THI 21-30 days post AI
~40 to 90 days
Factors that might be affecting
embryo quality...preg loss...abortions
in dairy cows
Dalton et al., 2001
Pursley et al. 1998
Cunha et al. 2008
Wiltbank, Carvalho 2011
Drugs that could treat insulin resistant state in cows?
Souza et al., 2011
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