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Milton Hershey

Inventor and Creator of the School for Underpriveleged boys


on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Milton Hershey

The facility was completed in 1905! Milton Snavely Hershey: Entrepranuer
Founder of Schools and confectionaries

Mr. Hershey was born on September 13, 1857 in the central Pennsylvania town of Derry. "Early Life"
Born into a poor family.

Only sibling, Serena died at 4 years when Milton was only 9 yrs. old Milton served a four-year apprenticeship with Joseph Royer.

Went to work at a candy shop in colarado and found a man who made caramels sweeter.

Milton returned to Lancaster, PA to find no-one believed in him anymore. Milton bought farmland near Lancaster, PA.

Through trial and error, he created his own formula for milk chocolate. First Cocoa House Hershey isn't quite a hero for his chocolate! New York, 1900's Pennsylvania, 1800's Milton made a school for Orphans 1941, Unknown Hershey Industrial School On November 15th, 1909, Mr. Hershey Signed the Deed of Trust establishing the Hershey Industrial School (renamed Milton Hershey School in 1951). In 1918, just three years afer his wife's death, Milton gave his entire fortune to the School (renamed Milton Hershey School in 1951). Today, the school is:
Cost free
For children from low-income families

What the school offers:
Year-round home life.
Pre-kindergarten to 12th grade education.

Focuses on: BUILDING CHARACTER PROVIDING What is necessary to be successful in all aspects of life. Milton had a troubled family life, due to his fathers futile "Get rich quick schemes".
He went to 7 different schools, and never went passed the 4th grade. On October 13, 1945 Milton Hershey died at 10:00 A.M. in the Hershey Hospital.

On the 16th Hershey lie in the foyer of his school, while the people of the town," Hershey" all came up to view his body. Every person had a fond story of the personable man. Although His body rests in peace... Milton hershey lives on in the hearts and minds of many children and families.
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