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Yaqui tribe

No description

kimberly macias

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Yaqui tribe

Yaqui By:Kimberly Macias The Yaqui people used their oral to pass their rich history from one generation to the next.The Yaqui's were accustomed to many parts of North America.Among these group save the Shoshone,the Comanche the pueblos,the Pimas,the Aztecs,and the Toltec. Yaqui Tribe Majority of the Yaqui people lived along the fertile banks of Yaqui River in the present day Sonora,Mexico. Yaqui tribe traded native foods like squash, corn, and other stuff. Food Yaqui tribe mostly live in tipis. Shelter Yaqui s Location Language It is spoken about 15,000 people,mostly of the
border Yaqui people in the region around the
Mexican state is Sonora and Arizona in the
United States. Celebrations When the Jesuits bought Catholicism to the Yaqui in the early 17th century the Native American tribe already had a long history of trading and warring. Today's Populations Today's Yaqui"s tribe population
is 7,000 Cites www,pascuayaqui-nsn,gov www.lasculture.com latino.foxnews.com www.answers.com Tribe
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