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Maze Runner Timeline

Timeline for Language Arts on the book Maze Runner

Laura Thompson

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Maze Runner Timeline

By: James Dashner Maze Runner Thomas wakes up in a large, pitch-black, metal box. He remembers nothing about his life other than his first name. The box is then opened, and is filled with bright light. 4. Thomas meets the Grievers As Thomas falls asleep at the end of his first day, he realizes that he feels like he's been in the maze before. After sleeping under the stars with Chuck and the other Gladers, Thomas is woken by Newt, who brings Thomas across the glade to a small window. While staring out the window, Thomas discovers what the horrible Grievers look like. Newt then explains that the maze is
dangerous, and that Thomas should
never leave the Glade. 27. Rescue Everyone on the bus is escorted
into a large building where they
eat and are then sent into a room,
except Teresa who is taken
somewhere else. The Gladers
finally fall asleep in their new
home, thinking that all is
safe and well. Prezi Timeline By: Laura Thompson 1. The Box 3. Ben is changing Thomas and Chuck hear screams coming from the shack in the far corner of the Glade. Thomas goes to investigate, where he has a confrontation with Gally, then sees Ben during "The Changing". Later, Thomas learns that every night,
the giant walls surrounding
them close. 2. Welcome to the Glade Thomas is helped out of the box, where he is greeted by a large group of boys. He meets Alby, the leader, and Newt, the second-in-command. After Alby and Newt leave, Thomas meets Chuck, the boy who came before him. 5. The Tour Begins After breakfast, Alby shows up to take Thomas on the tour. Soon after the tour begins, however, an alarm sounds throughout the glade and Alby runs off, leaving Thomas confused. 6. The Last one... Ever Thomas and the other gladers gather around the box. When the alarm stops, Newt and Alby open the box, only to find a girl inside; a girl who looks dead. They hoist her out, at which point she awakes and says "Everything is going to change". Even more omnious is the note she drops after
passing out. It reads:
"She's the last one...Ever". 7. Into the
Woods Once the Med-Jacks carry away the girl, Alby begins questioning Thomas. Although Thomas, like everyone else, has no memory of anything before the Glade, he does feel like he knows the girl
somehow. Later, Thomas spots
a beetle blade, and follows
it into the forest to
examine it. 8. Ben and Bones Thomas chases the Beetle Blade through the forest, until he eventually loses it. He then discovers the graveyard, realizing why they call the forest "Deadheads". One grave shows only half of someone's bones, with the words "Let this half-shank be a warning to all: You can't escape through the Box Hole" etched into the glass covering. He is then startled to
hear a noise, and is then attacked
by Ben, the sick boy. 9. Bullseye Ben attacks Thomas with a knife, but Alby stops him by shooting him in the kneck with a bow. Later that night, Thomas, who is scarred and
shaken, has nightmares
about Ben. 10. A day as
a Slicer Thomas spends the next day working as a slicer. Winston, the keeper, gives him a tour, then puts him to work. After an hour of cleaning up after the animals, he works in the Blood House, watching as Winston happily prepares a pig for eating. As soon as Thomas is finished with his bloody work, he promises himself he will never be a slicer. Later, as he is crossing the Glade, he sees one of the mysterious runners appear. Before Thomas has a
chance to say something, the runner
collapses on the ground. 11. A Dead
Griever Thomas calls for help and finds out that
the Runner's name is Minho. When Alby
comes, Minho explains that he discovered a dead griever. Alby once again turns to
Thomas, wondering if he knows somwthing nobody else does. Finally they make plans
to check out the griever tomorrow, and
Thomas promises Alby to tell him if
anything seems familiar. Thomas
goes to take a nap, but is interrupted
by Chuck, who informs
him that Ben isn't dead. 12. Banished Ben is banished for attempting to
kill Thomas, and Thomas feels like it
was his fault. The next morning Thomas
finally explains to Newt his desire to be a runner, and Newt promises him to put his
name on the list of potentials if Thomas
would stop talking about it. During
breakfast, Newt, Thomas, and Chuck
watch as Minho and Alby go off to
examine the dead griever, bringing
up the question: "Who killed
it?" 13. Breaking
Rule #1 After working with Zart in the gardens all
day, Thomas and Chuck try to comfort Newt, who is worried about the fact that Alby and Minho haven't returned yet. They suggest a search party, but the walls will close soon and no one goes outside the walls at night and survives. Finally just as the walls begin to close, Thomas spots Minho dragging Alby. Thomas knows they won't make it in time, so at
the last minute he steps out into the
maze and the doors slam shut. 14. Climbing
the Wall Minho scolds Thomas for coming out and
explains to him repeatedly that they have a 0% chance of survival, but Thomas refuses to lose hope. When they hear the first griever noises, Minho runs off into the maze, leaving Thomas with the unconscious Alby. Thomas decides to tie Alby up high on the wall, out of reach of the grievers. Thomas slowly works his way up the wall with Alby, finally stopping about thirty five feet high. That's when the griever comes in to view. Thomas stays as still as possible, hoping it won't notice him, but when
it reaches the wall directly underneath him
and Alby, it slowly begins to climb. 15. Sunrise Thomas runs away from the griever,
leading it away from Alby, who is still
unconscious. He and Minho find each other
and create a plan, leading the grievers off a cliff
and to their doom, but rather than falling they
seem to dissapear. Minho and Thomas make their way back to the doors as the sun rises, meeting
the other gladers and saving Alby. They are taken
to the homestead to rest, and Alby begins the changing. The keepers decide to have a
gathering about Thomas, to determine
what to do with him. 16. Punishment and Reward Thomas sits through a long, contraversial gathering, during which Minho threatens Gally and Gally runs out of the room completely crazed. The end result is that Thomas gets a day in the slammer, then he will begin work as a runner. Once the gathering is over, Chuck
tells Thomas that Alby wants to talk to
him. Newt comes with Thomas as they
head towards Alby's room. 17. All in
your head Thomas and Newt talk to Alby, and Alby
ends up strangling himself when he attempts
to tell Thomas where he saw him in the changing. Newt realizes that Thomas is
special, so he takes him to Teresa's room.
The girl lies unconscious, but Thomas hears
her voice in his head, talking to him.
Thomas, who is terrified, runs out of
the room to try and clear her
voice out. 18. Slammer Thomas spends his day in the
Slammer, and Chuck brings him food
at lunch. Thomas promises Chuck that one dat he will get Chuck home to his family. When Thomas is let out, he
falls asleep knowing that tomorrow
he will be a runner. 19. The Ending Thomas begins his first day as a runner, following Minho through the maze all day,
then making a map in the map room. At the end of the day, as he is falling asleep he hears Teresa in his head again, saying "Tom, I just triggered the Ending." The next morning, chaos breaks out. The sky is a blank gray color, no clouds or sun, almost like a ceiling. Thomas and Minho continue into the maze anyway,
but they see a griever. They follow the
creature and watch in awe as it jumps
off the cliff and disappears. 20. Teresa wakes
up Thomas and Minho return, knowing now that there is a small square that appears to be a secret trapdoor. They learn that no supplies came today, but Newt then runs off to see the girl, who just woke up. Thomas goes into Deadheads to relax, but Teresa shows up. When the others finally show up, Alby is furious and terrified. Thomas then
realizes that it's late and the
walls never closed. 21. Night
Preparations Teresa is put in the slammer while everyone else piles into the homestead, except for Alby, who heads to the map room. When the grievers are right outside, Gally bursts through the door. He screams about the "variables" then throws himself at the grievers, and they devour him then leave. Afterwards, the map room is lit on fire and Alby claims someone smashed his
head on the table. 22. The Maze
is a Code After teresa is let out of the jail, Newt reveals that the maps were kept safe, so Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Teresa go into the secret room and compare the maps. Finally Thomas has an idea, and they realize that the maze spells words. Thomas and Minho realize that they can't miss a day now so they and the other runners decide to spend the night in the maze while Teresa and a few others work on the code. They spend the night in the maze, but
nothing has changed so the next evening they return to the glade and wait in the
homestead with everyone else. 23. The
Changing After the kid had been taken, the grievers
begin to retreat and Thomas chases after
them, allowing himself to be stung so that
he can go through the changing. Thomas
wakes up after going through the changing
and they hold a gathering, where he
explains that in order to get out, they
would need to jump through the
griever hole. 24. The Battle Newt manages to convince the keepers
to go with the plan, and manage to get a
group of forty one Gladers who are willing to fight. Everyone is given a weapon, then they run off out of the glade. The Gladers run through the maze, eventually stopping at the griever hole, only to find it blocked off by grievers. Alby sacrifices himself so that the
rest can get through safely, but once the grievers have devoured Alby, they turn
to fight the Gladers. 25. Escape at
Last The battle begins as the Gladers charge into the brawl. Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck make their way to the griever hole, where Teresa punches in the code while Thomas fights off and kills a griever. The Gladers all jump through the griever hole, only to find that twenty one of them have survived. They slide down a large chute and find themselves in a large room. 26. Chuck's Death Thomas and the others watch as a woman and a boy appear. When the boy takes off his hood, they realize it's Gally. Gally, who is under the control of the creators, throws a knife at Thomas, but Chuck jumps in and saves Thomas, sacrificing himself. Just as the woman begins to speak, people rush in with guns and lead the Gladers to a bus, where they run over an
insane woman, rescuing the Gladers. The End
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