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Paula Arzuza

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Home-Schooling

Very few parents realize how much time is wasted in school.Parents choose homeschooling either because of:
-Religious beliefs
-strict teachers
-schedule not helping children (problems) or doesn't co-exist
-bullying (boy or girl)
-Parents just thinking whats best for their children
- They don't like the idea (read Skellig for more info)

Homeschooling has been the topic of both controversy and curiosity over the last 20 years, with an increasing number of families registering annually nationwide. But the concept of homeschool is hardly a novel one.
What is Homeschooling?
By: Tala,Irene, Sultan, Paula and Thani :)
Why do parents choose homeschooling?
Subjects of What Children get in Homeschooling
We Are, The PENCILS!
Mostly, kids do reading,writing, math,
Science and Social Studies. They also do Grammar and history. Occasionally, they do Music and Art. In grade 7-12, they learn Commotion and Literature.
Parents that choose homeschooling feel that
1. They don't have any money
2.could get a better job.
This are some of the benefits of homeschooling.

- Parents let to control what the children learn and when they have to learn it.
-Parents let to educate their children how the want to.
-They let to help the children when ever they need help
The child's needs and your families needs always come first.
-Concepts can be covered when the child is ready for them, rather than when the school wants to present them.
-Children can get their work done, in the time they need it to complete it.
-Students would not be shy to ask questions or help when ever they need it
-You can take a trip when school students are in school
These are some examples of Disadvantages of homeschooling

-Spent all the day with your parents and in your house.
-The parents would spent most of the day teaching the child.
-Hard to meet new friends.
-Parents have to be very patient with the children, when it seems its not learning anything.
-Homeschooling takes a lot of organization and hard work for the parents that would be teaching you.
-The parents would spent a lot of money for the home school materials.
-The parents would have to look for more activities like sports for the children to do.
Homeschooling is a choice made by parents, it's when they choose to teach their own children at home

-Homeschooling is illegal in many countries.
-There are 2.04 million students that are homeschooled.
-Many homeschoolers score higher grades than students that attend school.

Thank you for Listening!
Controversy and criticism
Opposition to homeschooling comes from some organizations of teachers and school districts.The National Education Association, a United States teachers union and professional association,opposes homeschooling.
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