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No description

amanda widdison

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of FEED

There are many blatant conflicts that our characters encounter in the novel Feed. These big conflicts consist of:

It is spring break, so Titus and his friends decide to go to the moon, again. Titus is immediately drawn to a girl named Violet.
She joins his group and they all venture to a club. While the teenagers are experiencing yet another dull scene, a hacker from The Coalition of Pity causes most of the group to malfunction as a statement against society and the feed.
All are sent to the hospital and forced to interact without their feeds. Titus and Violet use the time to become connected romantically with one another.
After the repairs are made, the teenagers attempt to live a normal life once again. This time, Violet has the idea to resist the feed. She tries to convince Titus to alter his consumer profile.
It is slowly revealed that Violet's feed is still malfunctioning due to the fact she had it installed later in life than most citizens. Because the feed is tied in to many neural pathways and the limbic system, Violet's body starts to shut down.
Titus is informed that Violet is dying and starts to detach from her. The more Violet reaches out, the more Titus pulls away. Violet sends Titus her memories for safe-keeping, yet he deletes them.
Violet and her father request assistance from the Feedtech corporation, but their requests are denied. Violet is deemed as an unworthy investment due to her odd consumer profile.
The world is further plummeting into chaos. Suburbs start disappearing and the public is apathetic.
Due to delicate world relations with America, nuclear weapons are used as a last resort to encourage a change of policy.
After slipping into a coma, Violet finally reaches cessation.


Violet Durn
The Feed

Lincoln "Link"

Titus' Mother
Titus' Father
Smell Factor
Violet's Father

Jacques Lacan's three orders: the imaginary, the symbolic and the real, relate to the novel
Lacan's theory of the imaginary states that we are always striving for the imagined.
Hence why technology is so intriguing, because it is an imaginary world, relating to why people are so involved with the feed.
If you spend too much time in the imaginary, you enter psychosis.
We can see this occurring through different points in the novel like when Violet's feed malfunctions at a party.

Symbols & Metaphors
The kids call each other "unit" as a term of endearment, which is interesting because that is how the corporations who run the feed see it's users; as consumerist "units"
A not - to - distant future. A toxic and crumbling shadow of a formerly proud United States of America. Where space is no longer the final frontier, the moon is the place to spend spring break, and the artificial, blue painted sky is peeling. Vehicles hover, the oceans are so polluted that no one can swim in them, animals are almost extinct, and beef is grown not from cows but as fields of pulsating meat.

By M.T. Anderson
- Every aspect of life, including school, is influenced by the corporations.

- Loss of a life, loss of Titus' ignorance.

- There is a very defined line between those who have and those who have not.

- As Titus starts to see the truth, he feels isolated from his parents and peers. Violet always feels like an "outsider" because of the differences in the way she was brought up compared to Titus and his peers.

- The corporations have an ulterior motive to the feed. They use it to control people, not enhance their lives.

- Violet feels betrayed by Titus. The corporations betray everyone who has the feed.

- Fear of not being accepted, fear of the future, fear of loss, fear of isolation.

Titus' and his friend's ignorance of the damage the feed is causing vs. Violet's unwavering awareness of the political and environmental implications brought on by the Feed.
Jacques Lacan's Three Orders

The political uprising due to the Feed technology and the people who are suffering (3rd world countries) vs the privileged Feed users of the western world (us vs. Others).
Wealthy vs. poor ( Titus' family vs. Violet's family)
Society vs. the environment
Violet's internal conflict of trying to be a normal teenager vs. her need to fight the system (tricking the Feed into thinking she is unmarketable.)
Titus' original identity (normal teenager living with the feed) vs. Titus' new identity after a glimpse of what it is like without the feed
Violet's character so eloquently states "Maybe these are our salad days" (Anderson, 2002, p.60). We feel this statement could be interpreted to mean the first course of whats to come for humanity in the near future.
Anderson, M. T. (2002).
. Somerville,
Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.

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Main Characters
The novel Feed touches heavily on how distraction and technology play heavy roles in the destruction of the world. It could be said that a troubled world needs a distraction, which is becoming more and more prevalent within our present society.
Titus wants to avoid the reality that Violet illuminates, and ends up dating Quendy - the epitome of herd mentality and consumerism.
Violet's character can be interpreted as the products used and discarded by society. She can also be seen as society's last bastion of rationality.

Violet's health is directly proportional to the mood of the novel
The crumbling sky can be seen as the crumbling of society and morality.
The Feed can be seen as a symbol for humankind's fear of death and reality. Citizens want to live in an oblivious and a "oneiric" state.
is a first-person narrative from the view of Titus. The Feed has been widely implemented for fifty to one hundred years. 73% of American citizens subscribe.
Presentation By:
Amanda Widdison Shannon George
Sarah Vance
Andrea Bakai
Key points
Despite any experiences, none of the characters drastically change outlooks, as they are still concerned with partying and worrying about being cool. The characters do change physically. Citizens have lost all their hair, have less and less skin, and some are frozen stiff because of 'Nostalgia Feedback'.
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