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Symbolism 8th Grade

No description

Rachel Wooten

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Symbolism 8th Grade

Symbolism Symbolism is the practice of using a person, object or situation to represent something in addition to it's literal meaning. What can be a symbol? Colors as symbols Seasons as symbols Animals as symbols Symbolism in writing Weather as symbols What are some symbols in
Johnny Tremain? 1. An object
2. A written word
3. A picture
4. A total action
5. A character Red: the color of life, anger, danger.
White: Innocence, life, light, purity.
Green: Jealousy, new life. Spring: birth, new beginning
Autumn: decline, nearing death
Winter: death, sleep Rain: washes away guilt, cleansing
Fog/Mist: prevents clear thinking
Storm: violent human emotion Dove: peace, purity
Owl: wisdom
Serpent: temptation, evil
Lion: power, pride Plot and action are on one level in the story; symbolism is on another.
Writers create symbols because it creates layers of meaning that a simple literal statement could never convey. The Lyte Family cup
Johnny's crippled hand
What do these symbols represent in the story? Johnny's crippled hand is a physical symbol of
the mental obstacle that cripples him:
pride and selfishness. His physical
handicap is a direct cause of his mental handicap.

The cup is a symbol of his self centered desires
for money, status and recognition.
It is also can symbolzie Britain and the british
mindset in regard to class and money.
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