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General SES Presentation

No description

Sloan Educational Services

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of General SES Presentation

MIT time:
How do I cross register to Harvard?
Cross Registration to Harvard will be a two-part process this year.

1. Fill out the MIT cross-registration form and deliver the completed form to SES in E48-520 or the E62 Add/Drop box by the mail folders.

2. Complete Harvard’s online cross- registration form by the appropriate deadline through its cross-registration website.

What about timing and deadlines?
Harvard semesters typically begin and end about one week ahead of the MIT academic calendar, so plan accordingly.

Please see Sloanbid.mit.edu for a complete list of Harvard Deadlines
The Add/Drop Process

The Add/Drop process is going online!

Instructor approval is required to add a class, but not to drop a class.

You will not receive a copy of this form once you submit it.

Be sure to check
for your up-to-date registration.
Registration-Related Services
Course bidding
Semester registration
Adding and dropping courses
Cross-Registration to Harvard
Petition process
Grade collection
Course evaluations
Course scheduling
Independent Study & Thesis
Student enrollment letters
Degree audits
Registration Email Announcements
Sloan financial aid representative
Facilities-Related Services

Classroom and public space reservations for
ad-hoc events

Student lockers

Conference phones

Study rooms
Typical Term Dates:
Listener/Auditor Status
Classes taken as a listener do not count towards your semester unit limit, which is 54 units.

Classes taken as a listener only show on your internal MIT record, they will not show on any external transcript.

Some instructors expect full participation, including assignments, while some prefer you do not participate at all.

Some instructors do NOT allow listeners.

You cannot be a listener in a course that is closed.
Who is SES?
SES is a team of 9 staff members who provide registration related services to all MIT Sloan programs.

We are located in E48-501, located in the building on the corner of Wadsworth Street and Main Street.

We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Students are invited to stop in any time, appointments are not necessary.
Sloan Educational Services

Who is sharing classes with me?
We try not to send excessive email to students. So, please be sure to open any email that does come from us as it is most likely important. Non-urgent messages will come through your program's newsletter or weekly announcements.
SES will not spam you!
Approximately 1000 students at any given time!
MBAs - A two-year MBA program.

Sloan Fellows – A one-year, accelerated MBA program.

Masters of Finance (M.Fin.) – A one-year masters program focusing on finance.

Masters in Management Studies (MSMS) – A one-year masters program intended for international students interested in advanced studies in management who will receive a Master of Science in Management Studies degree.

Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) – A two-year program offered jointly by MIT Sloan and MIT School of Engineering. LGO graduates earn an MBA and an SM in one of seven engineering departments.

PhD - Focuses on training outstanding scholars whose teaching and research will advance management education and practice.

Visiting Fellows –Full-time, non-degree graduate students focusing on specific topics in management for one or two semesters.

Sloan undergraduates – MIT undergraduate students who are majoring in business administration

MIT non-Sloan grads and undergrads.

Cross-registrants, mostly from Harvard.

Exchange students from LBS (London), IESE (Barcelona), HEC (Paris).

Executive MBA (EMBA) – A two-year program that does not follow the traditional schedule.
All MIT and Sloan Classes start 5 minutes after the listed start time and end 5 minutes before the listed end time.
For example, a class listed as 8:30 - 10:00 actually runs from 8:35 - 9:55.
This allows for
10 minutes
in between classes
H1 = first half of the semester
H2 = second half of the semester
SIP (Sloan Innovation Period = the week between H1 and H2...
What is SIP Week?
During SIP week, there are no regular Sloan classes
(All non-Sloan classes still meet).

Students attend half day and full day workshops in areas such as leadership, ethics, and finance.

SIP credit is a requirement for MBAs and LGOs however, other Sloan programs are welcome to participate in the workshops.
Term Deadlines
Friday, March 7th
Last day to add an H1 or Full-term class
Last day to drop an H1 class
Thursday, April 24th
Last day to add an H2 class
Last day to drop a Full-term class
Thursday, May 15th
Last day to drop an H2 class

For a complete list of deadlines, please visit the student academic calendar available on
Class Sections
For classes with multiple sections, the section information is listed on
(not WebSIS).

How do I add a
Contact the instructor or TA ahead of time and ask to be added to the class wait list or just attend the first day of class and ask to be added then.

Each instructor has his or her own wait list policy, but most instructors will fill their classes in order from the wait list.
Cross-Registration to Harvard
Thank you!
Sloan Educational Services
Joining the Wait List
Adding classes during the
first week
of class:
March 17 through March 20, 2014

If you are adding a course that appears on the "
" list, you do not need an instructor's signature.

Any class that appears on the "
" class list requires an instructor's approval.

After the first week of class, ALL classes will need an instructor's approval in order to add.

Open and Closed lists will be available in E48-501 all week as well as on
For complete information on Cross-registration visit
and click the "Cross Registration to Harvard" tab.
238 Main Street, E48-501
Phone: 617-253-1510

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