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ST. Philip Neri by Neil Buenaflor

No description

Neil Buenaflor

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of ST. Philip Neri by Neil Buenaflor

Early Life St. Philip Neri was born in Florence Italy on July 21, 1515. His real name was San Fillippo Neri, also known as Apostle of Rome. In 1548 he founded a society of specular priests called the Congregation of the Oratory. Their conferences were so popular that a large room was built at the San Girolano della Carita` in Rome to accommodate his followers. Many miracles were attributed to him. Missions Work After arriving in Rome, he became a tutor in the house of a Florentine aristocrat named Galeotto Caccia. After two years he began to pursue his studies under the guidance of the Augustinians. Following this, he began those labours amongst the sick and poor which gained him in later life the title of " Apostle of Rome". Death and Veneration Philip died around the end of the day on May 25 1595, Corpus Christi that year, after having spent the day hearing confessions and receiving visitors. About midnight he began hemorrhaging, and Baronius read the commendatory prayers over him. Baronius asked that he won't bless his spiritual sons before dying, and though he could no longer speak, he blessed them with the sign of the cross and died. St. Philip Neri was beatified by Paul V in 1615, and canonized by Gregory XV in 1622. His memorial is celebrated on May 26 in the calendar of both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite. His body is in the Chiesa Nuova. Confraternity of the Holy Trinity In 1548 he founded the Confraternity of the Santissima Trinita de' Convalescenti, whose primary object was to minister to the needs of the thousands of poor pilgrims who flock to Rome. In 1551 he passed through all the minor orders and was ordained deacon, and finally priest ( on May 23). July 21 1515 - May 26, 1595 St. Philip Neri Congregation of the Oratory
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