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The British Empires Influence on Sport

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Jordan Whysall

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The British Empires Influence on Sport

The British Empire and its influence on Sport
As the British Empire expanded so did sport. By the late 1600s English settlers had begun to play cricket in New England: the game reached as far a field as Calcutta and Bombay by the 1700s.

In Australia and New Zealand cricket was introduced early in the 19th century, and made its first appearance in Cape Town South Africa withe the British occupation of the western cape in the late 18th century.

Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ceylon, the British West Indies folowed them and soon virtually every British outpost developed its own cricket establishment.
Rugby Union
The game of Rugby Union as we know it today originated in the 1820s in Rugby School and was played very much like football.

By the mid 1800s British migrants had introduced the game of Rugby Football to Australia and New Zealand, with the Canon George Ogilvie introducing Rugby to South Africa around 1875. Elsewhere around the globe during this era Rugby was being introduced by British settlers, the British Army and Royal Navy.

By the end of the 19th century Rugby had spread well beyond the British Empire, and had begun to resemble the game as we know it today.

Common wealth Games
The Common wealth games was originally called the British Empire Games which was first proposed in 1891 by Reverend Astley Cooper who hoped the games would develop goodwill and understanding across the British Empire.

The first games took place in Canada 1911, with 11 nations and 400 athletes participating in 59 events.

The games today takes place every four years and continues to evolve.

The next Common Wealth games takes place in Scotland in 2014.
Early records suggest a form of Football took place in England around 1200 AD.

However it was in 1863 the first modern day rules were established and these early rules played a significant part in determining how the game is played today.

outside of England Football was introduced to British colonies as a means means of fostering discipline and hard work, mainly it was used to control the people but actually it served to bring people together.
The participation in sport world wide was significantly influenced by the growth of the British Empire in the late 18th and 19th century, and this is just a small part of this history.........
The British Empire
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