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Writing a Conceptually Coherent Research Paper

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Daniel Clark

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Writing a Conceptually Coherent Research Paper

Reviewing the Literature

Group the articles into different subject areas.

Narrow down the articles you find to the most important ones for your review.

Decide which ones you might briefly cite and which ones you may discuss at length.

Generate a Thesis Statement
Turn your topic into a statement.

What does the evidence reviewed suggest?


Topic: Motivation in School

Question: What Factors Motivate Students in School?

Thesis: Teachers who praise students based on effort may improve student motivation.
Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
A paragraph about each article you will review.

Include identifying information about the article

Write a few sentences describing the article.

Write about why that article is important for your paper.
Basic Organization of presenting your argument.

My Opinion: Hardest part of the writing process!

Includes: Introduction, Main Points, and conclusion.

Start with Thesis Statement (part of the Introduction)
Main Points
After thesis statement, leave Introduction alone & work on main points.

May reflect one source per point or many.

After main points, write in transition statement to move on to the next point.
Supporting Evidence
May include several sources per point or only one source per point.

Write in statements that reflect what the evidence says.

Make that you only make statements that are definitively supported by the research evidence.

Be careful about going beyond the scope of the mentioned studies!
Introduction & Conclusion
Do this part AFTER you have adequately outlined the main points & supporting evidence

Introduce topic with something interesting.
Finish introduction paragraph with thesis statement.

Re-state the introduction & the main points.
It's Writing Time!
Designing a Conceptually Coherent Research Paper
*Content from "
Writing for Psychology Concentrators
." Harvard University, 2012.
*Presented by Daniel A. Clark, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Before You Write
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