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No description

Rachael Roxburgh

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Pokemon

By Rachael

What is Pokemon?

Legal Action

People involved

Roles in the work place.
Lapras based off
the Loch ness

Lucario based off the
Egyptian God Anubis.

This idea of a fish
evolving into a dragon
came from a chinese
A map
of Japan

A map of regians 1-4.


This is a map
based of America

Pokemon bases are
around the world
but the most well
known are in Japan,
America and Europe.
based off
a Angler fish

based of a
Game freak help
develop ideas
for pokemon
Nintendo help finance

The pokemon company
helps marketing pokemon
and promoting it.
needed to be
redesigned after
his sprite was seen as offensive.

Uri Geller tried to sue Nintendo after
he accused them of turning him into "a evil Pokemon creature"
A Pokemon was called
"Orphan" they decided to get rid of it
however they didn't have enough time so they deleted the sprite but not fully instead it causes the game to glitch or break if anyone catches it.
The name was also changed to Missingno and h poke.
Money and Profit

23.64 mil unit

23.00 mil units

17.57 mil units

Ken Sugimori

Junichi Masuda
Listens to the fans
and keeps up with the times.
Thanks for watching my presentation.
*Original name was Capsule Monsters.

*Changed to Capumon

*Then Pocket Monsters

*Finally Pokemon was made.

*The idea of capsule was used from the inspiration of toy capsules machines.

*Pocket monsters is
still used today in countries
around the world.

The idea of buying pokemon
in the game was also
scrapped for unknown reasons
Nintendo worked on
other games like Yoshi.(on the Gameboy and Nes.)
To help fund Pokemon Red/Blue and Green.
*It took 6 years to make pokemon
blue/red and green cause they had breaks to fund the game.
*All the games after this it took 2-3 years from 1996-2006 and then from 2008 to 2013 it takes 1-2 years to bring a game out to the public.
Koffing was
originally called LA
And Weezing was
called NY
which is a
reference to
the pollution
in New york and
Los Angeles
Shigeru Miyamoto creator of Super Mario took on board the idea Pokemon.
myths and stories.
*A myth around pokemon was 3 men were working on Pokemon red and blue music and did a eery song for lavender town.

*The song was more common in Pokemon Red then Blue.

*The story is that kids who played the games went mad and so did the 3 men that worked on the song.
The pokemon "Orphan" was meant to evolve ether into Cubone if holding a bone/skull however if it was female it would evolve into Kangaskhan.
Pokemon has become so
popular that myths and stories are
becoming part of the franchise.
For example Gengar is a shadow
pokemon so people now believe it to be
Clefables ghost.
*Pokemon has had inspiration from animals and folklore,

*Pokemon has improved over the years.

*Pokemon has inspired people over the years and keeps with the times and audience

*Pokemon has had teams of people who have been with them from the beginning.
Pokemon Snap
*In the folklore the carp swim into the waterfall and evolve into a dragon.

*That's why in Pokemon Snap when Magikarp goes into the waterfall they evolve into Gyarados.
Pokemon has got it's own Anime,
movies and loads of merchandise
from food to cuddle toys and Manga, also has Apps such as Pokemon TV.
South park had a episode inspired by pokemon called 'Chinpokomon.'
where creatures which were made by Japan and were used to brainwash kids.
Pokemon has become so popular that some fans have created games with real and fake Pokemon,but these were for fun, not profit.
A story with Pokemon was when making Pokemon
Professor Oak was used in the system
for practice for the developers and team however he was taken out in the final game.

*Pokemon took time into consideration in the most recent game by bringing out the game on the same day around the world.
Pokemon originally from 1996-2013
brought out games in different countries on different dates.
The order of countries pokemon games would come out in was;
and most recently Korea.
*This is the first time they have done this and fans were shocked when the 1st trailer reviled it to come out worldwide on October 12th.
Fake Pokemon games such as Pokemon Jade, people bought it and thought it was real, when the Pokemon company found out they posted on the websites to not play the game and too not buy it for they are fake.
*Artist: 35k-60k a year

*Game designer: 50k-55k a year

*Software engineer: 50k-80k a year

*Multi-media artist:55k-90k a year

Pokemon creator
Satoshi Tajiri
New york
New Jersey
In conclusion:
Liberty Garden
Apparently Professor Oaks
Pokemon were to high of a level
for example the Pokemon you didn't chose he would have at a high level, around (60-70lv)

Also this idea of Professor Oak having the last starter didn't connect to the Manga
for the character Green steals the last Pokemon.

Also in Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered
the protagonist Leaf was based off Green this is why you could play as a girl.

Pokemon Designs
Pokemon add ons

Some Pokemon designs changed over time these are just a though.
Pokemon has also become so popular the yhave made games that have there own francise such as:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Pc
The odd Games.
Some pokemon games are online and
have games online like on Pokemon.com.
Also Professor's in Pokemon can be classed as being real life scienctist's.
Professor Oak does reserch on Pokemon relationships with humans.
Professor Elm works on the concept of Pokemon breeding.
Professor Birch reserches relations between nature and Pokemon.
Professor Rowan works on the evolution in Pokemon. A belives we evolved from them.
Professor Jupitar reserches the reality and truth in the world of Pokemon.
Some pokemon games were on Pc
but weren't as popular as the other games on consules such as Gamecube, N64 or Gameboy.

I couldn't find any information on;
*And how much the budget was to make any of the Pokemon games.
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