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On the Playground

No description

Bob Bolin

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of On the Playground

Recess is Important!
Workshop Overview
What about Bob?
Ro Sham Bo
Recess is Important!
PCCS Supervisor Expectations
Preventing Problems
Responding to Misbehavior
Strategies for Corrections
What Do I Do When?
What Makes a Good Recess?
Strategies for Transitions, Picking Teams, Games
Next Steps
Let's Play
On the Playground
Preventing Problems
On the Playground
Prairie Crossing Charter School
2014 Teacher Inservice
Active supervision and strategies for success on the playground
In Other Words...
Interesting facts

Rock Paper Scissors isn’t just a child’s game. A frustrated US federal judge once order two opposing attorneys to settle their differences with a game of rock paper scissors on the steps of the courthouse. In Japan, two auction houses were given an opportunity to win a $20 million auction house by playing rock paper scissors.
Presentor: Bob Bolin
Main Source Materials: On the Playground- Safe & Civil Schools, Playworks, PBIS Active Supervision, Capturing Kids Hearts, Recess Stories, Peaceful Playgrounds, TED Talks, Calvin & Hobbes
Pick Teams
If you have learned nothing else...
What Makes a Good Recess?
Responding to Misbehaviors
Stay Calm
Act Immediately
Use Objective Language
Be Consistent
Support Each Other
Four Questions to Respond to Misbehavior
What are you doing?
What are you supposed to be doing?
Are you doing it?
What are you going to do about it?
These questions help the student focus on the behavior, demonstrate that he/she knows what behavior is expected, own up to the fact that he/she is not doing what is expected, and determine what he/she should be doing instead.

3:1 Ratio
If you have a child's heart; you have his head.

Flip Flippen
Capturing Kids Hearts
On Demeaning Language
Capturing Kids Hearts- Flip Flippen Group
What Do I Do When?
On the Playground Videos
Arguing/Not Taking Responsibility
Whining and Tattling
Not Following Playground Rules
Dangerous or Aggressive Behavior
Minor Misbehavior (bothering, swearing)
Loners & Isolated Children
Clingy Children
Cliques & Gangs
Harassing Others (name calling, teasing)
Bullying & Threatening
Repeat Offenders
Kids Arguing With Each Other
Survey Says!
PCCS Playground Survey
Little Kids
Big Kids
If you take away nothing else...
Playworks Games Library
Strategies for Corrections
On the Playground Videos
Fin. Thank You!
Communicate Rules & Expectations
Monitor & Circulate
Connect with Kids
Recess is Important...
The opposite of play is not work, the opposite of play is depression.
- Brene Brown
Intro to 3:35
5:10 to 6:40
PCCS Recess Rules
PCCS Recess Supervisor Job Expectations
Active Supervision
PBIS Active Supervision Clip
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