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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

No description

Samantha Rodgers

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

by Gary Paulsen

Presentation by Samantha Rodgers
Chapter 1
Brian Robeson sets out to see his father for the summer in the oil fields of Canada. Brian's parents are divorced and he can only see his father in the summers due to "visitation rights." The divorce has taken it's toll on Brian and he cannot stop thinking about that dreaded word..."divorce." The pilot named, Jim or Jake, or something, started to become gassy and there was a terrible pain in his left shoulder based off of his actions {rubbing his shoulder and moaning often and loudly}. The pilot soon died of a heart-attack while Brian was thinking agonizingly of "The Secret." He is then left alone in the 406 bush-plane with slowly abating fuel.
In this chapter, Brian is terrified. He doesn't know how to fly a plane and below him there are seemingly billions of trees leaving nowhere to land. He is overwhelmed with the fear that this would be his final day on earth. Brian could feel the creepy, cold essence of death tickling the back of his neck, causing his hair to stand on end. Then, even in this state of horrifying danger, Brian remembers the transmitter...he could call someone for help! He tries the transmitter but the operator couldn't hear him! Brian then decides the best place to land would be a lake. He would land in the water, and simply swim out of the plane.
Chapter 2
This story is told in third person limited!
" Hello, operator?"
Chapter 3
Brian can't get a signal on the transmitter and the fuel is dropping quickly. He has to let the fuel run out and find a lake to land in at the same time. "I'm going to die!" is all Brian could think although he shouldn't be letting panic in. It was taking over his mind and that was the last thing he needed right now. Then he saw it... an L-shaped lake slightly to the right of the plane. The nose of the plane was aimed directly toward the long part of the "L." He steadied the plane and went down...A wild crashing, ripping , shrieking of metal split the air. He swam to shore and collapsed, exhaustion taking him over.
This is a man vs. technology situation!
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
The next day, Brian awoke once more and was thirsty. So thirsty, in fact, there were no words to describe how thirsty he was. His face was burning with the pain of one-thousand suns, making the thirst much worse. He needed water. Fast. He felt as if he would wither up and die if he didn't have water now. Brian thought he might just take a sip, just a tiny sip from the lake. That's all he needed... but he could not stop. He drank until he felt he had drank the whole lake dry. Then, hunger scraped at his stomach. It scraped with razor-sharp claws that dug into him and wouldn't give up until they had shredded him into pieces. He couldn't hunt and he didn't know how to start a fire without matches. What was he supposed to do?

When Brian awoke, he felt hatred. Unfathomable hatred for The Secret. That day he had been riding a bike with his friend. He remembered everything; the time, the temperature, everything. Brian looked over at something his friend had smiled about and was instantly horrified at the sight of his mother. Sitting in a strange-looking station wagon with a blonde-haired man wearing a pullover tennis shirt.
This is a man vs. self situation!

Chapter 6
Brian sets out to make a shelter and decides the best shelter to make is a lean-to. He finds a stone ridge, scooped out by a glacier near the lake to build his shelter against. It had sand at the bottom that went out towards the lake making a small beach. Brian decides to wall-off the open side of the overhang and leave a small doorway. This was much stronger than a lean-to. Now he just needed to find something to eat. Anything to eat. Brian searched along the treeline of the lake for some berry bushes. After a long time of searching, he found loads of red berries on bushes. They looked like red grapes. But they were super, super, sour and bitter. He called them gut-cherries.
This is a man vs. nature situation!
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
chapter 10
Brian's stomach was in terrible pain when he awoke. like no pain he had ever felt before. A tornado was ripping at his insides and he blamed it all on the gut cherrie's pits. He then vomited and was drained of all strength. Brian then fell into a disturbed sleep again where the memory stirred him once more. His mother kissing HIM. The man who was NOT his father. That kiss became the SECRET that had been holding him all this time. Sometime after this, Brian finds raspberries to eat instead of the dreaded gut cherries. Delicious raspberries with sweet juice that he practically inhaled. Although he had found something precious, it soon was resurrected into something terrible. A bear was staring at him...a big bear. Brian ran for his life...
This is a man vs. self and a man vs. nature situation!
This is a man vs. nature and a man vs. self situation.
He thought it was a growl, a small airy mutter. Then came the smell. The smell of rotting meat, graves, death, decaying, and cobwebs. Brian could see nothing through the thick darkness of the night even with the moon's small light. He kicked at the figure hunched at his feet, threw the hatchet and missed making a waterfall of sparks at the end of his cave. His leg seared with white-hot pain as something pierced his calf. It was a porcupine. Later on , Brian decides to make a fire to ward off creatures like the porcupine who lurk in the night. He then remembered the night before when the hacthet caused sparks. The hatchet was the key to fire!
This is a man vs. nature situation...:'(
Brian made a spark nest with dried grass and twigs, but they were just not catching fire. Then he remembered the $20 bill in his pocket. He shredded it and added it to the nest but it still didn't work! He finally added some birch bark and caught fire. He fed the fire loads of wood and the fire became his friend.
This is a man vs. nature situation... :'(
Brian hears a soft shuffling near the beach of the lake. It was some kind of water animal, coming to the sand for a reason...but why? He walked out of the shelter an found a small pile of sand. Why would an animal play with sand? He dug down and found a glorious discovery. Turtle eggs. He ate seven...raw and thought a bout eating the shells but decided better of it.
chapter 11
There was lots of work to be done. Brian worked very hard all morning chopping wood and cleaning camp. He stopped to take a drink and was startled at his appearance. He was much thinner, his skin had become leathery from the fire, and his swelled forehead was nearly healed. In the afternoon he prepared a signal fire- just in case. He climbed to the top of the stone bluff to witness the beautiful view. There was a constant song of insects and birds; the sun was just on the horizon of the lake, casting it ablaze. Then he thought of it. Fish. Fish were food. Fish lived in the lake. Brian started to work on a fish-spear.
Brian's fish-spear didn't work. He waite in the shallows for the fish to come but when he darted for them, they were too fast. Every time he drew his arm back, they vanished. Then he thought to make a bow. He had to 'invent" the bow and arrow to get the fish. He set out to make his bow. Then he heard it. A small roaring in the distance. A plane! He bolted to the stone bluff to light the signal fire. But the plane passed right by; not even noticing Brian. He wanted to die, wanted to end it all.
Brian was becoming part of the forest. He instantly knows what sound comes from where. He had been there for 47 days and it had been 42 days since he had died and been reborn as the new Brian. The wolves respected him, the bears left him in peace, and the fish sacrificed themselves as his food. The forest accepted him.
chapter 14
Brian had come to believe that food is everything in the forest. Food can be the gateway to life, or the unkind road to death. And when a skunk runs into his stash of turtle eggs in the middle of the night, he learns it's better to let some food go and fight for other food.
Chapter 15
Brian had started to lose track of days so he remembered events instead. Like the day of First Meat. He seeked foolbirds for his meal. Although, they were extremely hard to see making it even harder to hunt them. After a long time of frustration and fluttering wings, he did it. He caught a foolbird!
Chapter 16
Brian was washing his hands after hunting when he turned. He didn't know why but he just turned around and saw it. A female moose charging straight towards him. It trampled him into the lake multiple times and finally him slither back to shore. He felt as if his ribs were broken, for it was hard to breathe. And as if things weren't bad already, a tornado has to bust in and batter Brian around even more. It also destroys his whole camp.
Brian spent the day rebuilding camp and searching for dry wood for fire. Enough for that day and well into the night. And as Brian tried to sleep that night, he got to thinking about the plane. There was a survival pack in the plane. He would be so rich if he could only get to the pack. The next morning he ate some fish and started to work on a raft; a working platform to use while working on he plane. It took a long time for Brian to swim to the plane and once he was there, he found That there was no way of getting in without getting trapped.
Chapter 18
Brian found after lots of thinking that cutting through the aluminum is much like cutting through cheese. In his haste of cutting the metal skeleton of the plane, Brian dropped his hatchet. The hatchet was the key to all of his survival, and he dropped it. Brian panicked and stood on the top of the plane to jump into the dark depths of the lake. After multiple attempts of diving and swimming, Brian retrieved the hatchet. Brian broke through the plane and dove in. His foot brushed something cloth or canvas-like. He jumped in once more and retrieved the pack.
Chapter 19
Unbelievable treasures awaited Brian in the pack. Fish hooks and line, a gun, knives, a fire starter, but the best part was the food. Dehydrated food that all you needed was water and heat. Brian prepared a feast that's when he came. His rescuer.
Brian was somewhat famous for three months when he arrived home. Everyone thought he had died and were completely dumbfounded that he was alive. He had been at the lake for 54 days and lost 17% of his body weight. Although, it felt odd to have so much food around you all of the time when you basically starved for 54 days!
So awfully tired, and standing had taken a lot of energy somehow, drained him. (pg. 39 metaphor)

His eyes snapped open, hammered open...(pg.40 metaphor)

The lake water had filled his stomach but left it hungry, and now it demanded food, screamed for food. (pg.45 personification)

His whole abdomen was torn with great rolling jolts of pain...(pg.63 metaphor)

...his leg was instantly torn with pain as if a hundred needles had been driven into it. (pg. 75 metaphor)

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