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Competitive Analysis

No description

Lauren Virone

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Competitive Analysis

No one wants to read text! Lauren Virone and Monica Koh Competitive Analysis In order to develop a thorough understanding of multi-platform marketing trends, we conducted a competitive analysis of various networks.

This approach offered us the unique opportunity to discover new or useful techniques and methods that will better service truTV and their ever-expanding marketing initiatives. Objective Execution Observe how the network is integrating digital media on-air ...and what DOESN'T Compilation Watch Premiere Shows Analyze multi-platform initiatives in place for promotion of the show Form a of what WORKS... Recommendations ABC Family's Video Messages from cast Bravo's MTV's "The Hunt" Game An eight-week scripted social game on Facebook that accompanied season two of supernatural drama "Teen Wolf" and is a part of their "Storytelling Without Borders" strategy, which aims to create social TV experiences across digital platforms in between and during seasons. 81%
Visitors YOU become a character Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" Facebook:

by posting about Deadliest Catch on Facebook and Twitter. The more people like, comment or retweet your updates, the higher you will rank. Fanzy Fan Tab Facebook: The Good The Bad Shows Without Facebook Accounts Events... are annoying! Twitter: The Bad #WNTW #AGT Irrelevant Hashtags Show Handles Twitter: The Good Make Them Tweet! Sweepstakes: The Bad No Participation Mediocre Sweepstakes: Cake Boss Neal's Stash The Good NBC Olympics Other Social Platforms: The Bad Not Having Any... except the ordinary! If your cat can have a Facebook... ...then so should your show favorite ONLY available to Facebook fans FAN PAGE prizes Be the top Fanzy Fan and earn #happyface #ruletheworld #wth? Inconsistency How is between NETWORK Cast and TUMBLR making TV more social? "Tumblr is a hub of immense and intense fandom—'fuckyeah' is our battlecry. I think that’s become of the actual product functionality... Tumblr is definitely propelling fandom culture forward... and making fandom culture more social by allowing those fans to connect to each other " - Rachel Webber, Director of Partnership Development Other Social Platforms: The Good Retweet MTV's message including #FollowMeMTV, MTV will you follow you!
Only last an hour or so and MTV notifies their followers right before they are about to begin.
Forces followers to pay close attention and actively participate! http://impracticaljokers-obsession.tumblr.com/post/26850452627 Random winner chosen through TwitterDraw app Tweet #ImWatchingKendraOnTop ALL WEEK for a chance to win a giveaway! http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/trutv Network Examples Rewards "You're useless. I'm bored." Increase Well, I guess I AM having my cake and eating it, too! Engagement as well as Viewership? WIN a TRIP to the Closing Ceremony! Promoted during the show
and winner gets a brand new
2013 Ford Taurus 383,954
Likes! What is Get Points Check-In Earn More Rewards VIGGLE? Instagram 80 million + users 10 million per month growth
2011 App of the Year social network A&E: A Success Story Largest mobile only 4.5 MILLION viewers
tuned in! Stumble Upon Tell them your "Interests"
StumbleUpon will show you related content
Rate what they show you Second Screen: The Bad Having none! Second Screen: The Good "Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people." Connect with your favorite programs & with the community It's ALL in ONE Place! SHARE via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail,
Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare Bravo Tweet Tracker gonna record a screen video when I get home Tweet Battle VH1 "VH1 Co-Star is meant to be a companion while you watch VH1’s episodic series. Watch video extras, browse photos, answer trivia and unlock badges. " Tweet Tracker Tweet Sorter "No matter when you tune-in to a show – you can use the WatchWith feature to see the best, most relevant comments from everyone watching. BRAVO Co-Star App Games: The Bad It's like a DVR for
social commentary." Non-Network Games The Olympics Discovery Channel NBC Games: The Good ONLY Trivia TNT's Franklin & Bash THE CAVE Linear: The Good On-Air Tweets USA's White Collar BRAVO Social Gathers the best fan comments, messages from the producers and the Housewives Video game-like simulations and Fans relive the drama, increasing viewership as well as

during the new episode to see if their tweet made the cut for next week! actively participate History's Pawn Stars An

simulated approach to WE tv Effective promotion of VIGGLE on-air in their lower-thirds.

Focusing on the promotion of one or two digital platforms on-air would be a great takeaway. SPIKE Ran lower-thirds to promote Instagram for exclusive photos of their premiere show "Diamond Divers" Features USA Ran lower-thirds to promote

their second screen platform Character Chatter Oxygen Ran lower-thirds to promote Oxygen Live their second screen platform Linear: The Bad WE tv Over Saturation Mobile: The Bad Highly Distracting Cluttered the Screen Less is MORE LIVE NOW#KendraOnTop Get SOCIAL NOW @WEtv.com Apps only for apple devices WESYNC Enter Kendra Sweepstakes,
CODE: HEALTHY @WETV.com Live Tweets @KendraOnTop optimize mobile outreach! Go to WETV.com for the Las Vegas competition and WIN $20,000! Source: ComScore Mobile Apps: EXTRA do NOT Apps with Limited Access challenges interactive trivia "Create your own visual style...
Let it be unique for yourself and yet

for others." identifiable The use of video clips rather than text-only Mobile: The Good Alerts and Newsletters Mobile Apps Mobile Apps That are accessible and fun QR Codes Quick scan... NO download! Recommendation #1 Moving Crawls and Graphics (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Captures attention Recommendation #2 Candids of characters Snippets/sneak peaks Behind the Scenes, items that are pawned, etc. Recommendation #6 Recommendation #7 Sweepstakes Gag Bag Answer questions you would know only by watching the show One winner each week Win a prize pack (signed T-shirt, whoopie cushions, stink bombs, Season 1 DVDs, etc.) Killer Tweet using the hashtag #KillerKaraoke One random winner's tweet is aired during the show each week Winner also receives a signed T-shirt from Steve-O Recommendation #3 truTV Connect Recommendation #5 Candids of Characters Snippets and Behind the scenes, exclusives, such as items that are pawned Kontest Sweepstakes avoiding "White Noise" Issue Instagram sneak peeks Mad Libs Polls Twitter Facebook GetGlue Cast Handles Improves discoverability and encourages user participation Recommendation #8 Interactive Games Big and.... ... small truTV Connect App QR Codes Newsletters Recommendation #4 Racing Game Hardcore Pawn Interactive "Stour" Recommendation #9 Increase Fan Participation Q&A's or UStream with Cast Upload Fan Content Impractical Jokers Lizard Lick Towing Hardcore Pawn "Joke's on You" - Impractical Jokers Fan Submissions "Killer Home Karaoke" - upload the funniest karaoke home videos Attention Participation Recommendation #2
on a re-run before a new episode Cast Tweets Feature positive way while Featured during the "Social Edition" of the previous week's episode that airs before the new one. in a The more popular your site the more people will see it
Members rate content "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." The more people click "thumbs up", your site will be distributed to more and more members.
FREE Viral Traffic: The more people see it, the more they pass it on to their friends. More Mobility! On-Air Tweets fan tweets through show-specific hashtag Thank You for Joining Us!
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