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Clueing in Customers


Billie Castle

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Clueing in Customers

Anxiety About Conducting Business Prior To Leaving
Created Customer Center
Relieving Customer Stress And Anxiety
Anxiety About Dropping Off Cars And Making Flights
Installed Flight Information Monitors
Total Customer Experience
Clueing In Customers

Feelings Of Fear
Being Ill
No Medical Background
Visual Clues
"Evidence Management"
Coherent And Honest Evidence
Organization Is An Advertisement for Itself
The P's
The 4 R's
Communication Theory
Sender - Mayo Clinic
Message - Consumer First Quality Service
Encoding - Signaling
Channel - Actions & Visual Cues
Receiver - Patients
Decoding - Patients Feel They Are First

Clues In Collaboration
Integrated, Coordinated Response
Visible Evidence
Physicians Meeting With Patient
Face-to-Face, Remote Collaboration
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Coordinated In Resources
Clues In Tangibles
Patient-First Focus
Strong Customer Service
Strong Consistent Message Of Quality
William Mayo
-"The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered"

Research On Mayo Clinic
Clues In People
Signaling Theory
Visual And Experiential Clues To Tell A Story
Total Customer Experience
Clues Are Everywhere
Product Or Service For Sale
Physical Setting

The culmination of these clues is the total customer experience
Customer Service The Disney Way
Physical Environment for Patients
Promote Healing
Stress Reduction
Open, Welcoming Spaces
Positive Impact On Employees
Reducing Physical and Emotional Stress
Creation of Different Settings Throughout Your Visit
Dark, Quiet Place for Resting
Lavish Surroundings In The Cancer Center
Application to Theory
How Does Mayo Clinic's Marketing Strategy Work?
University Hospital ED
Clues Failed To Meet The Needs Of Patients And Their Families
Customer-Experience Management
100+ Clues Focus On Reassuring And Empathetic Connections
Improved Signage
External And Internal
Family Update
Keeps Families Informed Of Patient Progress
by Leonard Berry and Neeli Bendapudi
Presented by

Danielle Calhoun
Billie Castle
Brian Nyquist
Matthew Yuen

Mayo Clinic

Emerson Electric
They Understand the Consumer!

Phase 3 Marketing
Customer Driven Approach
Selling The Experience
No Traditional Advertisements
The Value Chain At The Mayo Clinic
5 Month Period
2 Mayo Campuses
1,000 Employee And Patient Interviews
250 Doctor-Patient Encounters
Studied Service Culture and Processes
Clues In
Managing The Total Customer Experience
Recognize The Clues

Functioning Of The Good Or Service

Emotions Associated With The Good Or Service (Sensory Experience)
Avis Rent A Car
Application to Practice
Customers Always Have An Experience

The Journey
Value In
The Experience
Employees Are “Assertively Friendly”

Birthday Badges
Show Ready
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