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Express Yourself

No description

Keshanti Nandlall

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Express Yourself

The words we today are as complex as the people
We have taken our old language and
ated it from the ways of the old
ures and
es, so much so that the once e
ent words that were spoken have had their
endos reduced to mere slang.
While I can...
appreciate the
uous twists time has brought upon us, i.e. slang, I do still long for the day I can con
with my peers.
The day in which...
we can
ate a con
ation in which the intellect is stimulated and in which speaking like a pompous ass is acceptable.
Then again,
If that were the case, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the ag
ive use of our language, and I wouldn't be able to
fully use the the word play I am used to any longer.
is the way words have changed us, and the way we have made ourselves, no?
We are com
ated, pro
ive individuals.
We are
el in our ways, and yet are able to im
ment our thoughts in such a way to form a
ture of new ideals and traditions.
In this world, we are who we make ourselves.
PLIC,PLE- to fold,interweave
GRESS-to step
NOV - new
MIXT- to mix
MUT- to change
SCRIPT, SCRIB- to write
LOQU- to speak
CRESC- to grow
TORT- to twist
GRESS- to step, go
GENER- to birth, produce
VERS- turned
GRESS- to step, go
ART- art, skill
GENER- to produce
VERS- to turn
Making One's Self
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