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Ethics AO

No description

Bart Wernaart

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Ethics AO

The business of business is business
Voluntary reporting is windowdressing
No accountability
Voluntary Accountability
Codes on ethics
External cost accounting
Pro's and con's?
Mr. Dr. B.F.W. Wernaart
Vol. 12
Three views:
Collective self/regulation
Between voluntary and mandatory
4 examples:

- The Bangladesh Accord
- Accountancy regulations in the Netherlands
- ICC/ESOMAR guidelines
- Commercial Codes
Ethics AO

transperancy & amenability
- Accountability is for persons
- Undemocratic tax
- Hinders economic growth and innovation
- Invisible hand will correct unethical behaviour

- Outcome based
- Principle based
- Process based
- Hybrid codes

Pro's and con's?
- Intrinsic motivation
- No law/keep government away
- Naming and Shaming

Three reasons for success:
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