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Getting Started with Google Drive - Students

A professional development opportunity for the staff of Elm Grove Middle School for incorporating Google Drive into professional practice.

Spencer Kiper

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Getting Started with Google Drive - Students

But wait...there's more!
Introduction to Google Drive
Google Drive is a online, free suite of software options and storage space that our district has gone to in order to meet the communication/collaboration demands of our projects.

Google Drive offers word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation options for our school that allow for more streamlined, collaborative work.

Google Drive also comes with 30GB of online storage space for students so that you can store documents, videos, and everything else.
Step 1 - Log in
Most of you have not logged into Google using your teacher credentials yet. Let's begin by going to drive.google.com.

Your log in credentials are
[(first four letters of firstname) + (first four letters of lastname) + (DAY of birth)] @bossierstudents.org
Day of Birth - 07 or 14
[(UPPERCASE first two letters of firstname) + (UPPERCASE first two letters of lastname) + (EDUTEST number)]

Go into your account settings now to change your password to your telephone number.
Step 2 - Know the Basics
Google Drive offers the abilities to make
word documents

If you store your documents in your Drive folder, you files will automatically be available to you through any other device, computer or portable, that you have connected to your account.
Step 3 - Making the Transition
How difficult is it to make the switch? Not hard at all. just download Google Drive on your teacher computer (not recommended for lab computers for student access) and drag everything into your Google Drive folder.

Ever lose those PowerPoint presentations you worked so hard for? Have you ever wished that you didn't have to lug around that flash drive or portable hard drive around to have all of your files. Make the switch to the cloud and you'll never lose those important documents again.
Step 4 - Student Accounts & Use
Each student in Bossier Parish Schools will have a Google account setup for their use at school.

Students will be able to utilize:
Email (Internally, to other students and teachers)
Google Drive
Wrap Up
Google Drive will allow us to collaborate on a level that was only shared by a few individuals. Now, that ability will be shared among all of us.

Getting Started
with Google Drive
Google Drive is your flash drive
in the cloud!
How do we apply this to our classroom projects?
Students will also be able to collaborate with each other as well as collaborate with teachers as well. This is the collaborative computing opportunity we have been waiting for.
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