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The World

No description

Megan McCaw

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The World

The Country of Cambodia
Five Points:
1) Military Aid (convince them to approve of being temporarily annexed into the U.S. as a U.S. territory)
2) Humanitarian Aid
3) Create Banking System
4) Technological Aid
5) Create Domestic Business/ Foreign Direct Investments
Lack of strong government

Child sex tourism

low per capita income

very little domestic business
Step One: Military Aid
The United States should take troops into Cambodia, (not to start war, but to assist if necessary) and temporarily annex them into the United States as a U.S. Territory.
Step One: Benefits
By annexing Cambodia, the U.S. would gain access to all of Cambodia's precious resources, and boost Cambodia's economy by buying them.
Step One: References
"We have previously annexed Hawaii, our 50th state"
Step One: Statistics
"[M]ost victims of rape in Cambodia are children. The median age of rape victims in 2010 was 12 years old" ("Facts") .

References- page one
Facts and Statistics. (n.d.). SHE Rescue Home. Retrieved February 13, 2014, from http://sherescuehome.org/about/facts-and-statistics
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Construction Cost Estimates for Bank in National, US. (n.d.). Bank Construction Cost Estimate (US National Average). Retrieved February 13, 2014, from http://www.reedconstructiondata.com/rsmeans
Step Two: Humanitarian Aid
"[M]ost victims of rape in Cambodia are children. The median age of rape victims in 2010 was 12 years old"("Facts") .
Step Two: Statistics
Step Three: Creating
A Bank
Step Three: Benefits
By creating a banking system for Cambodia, the U.S. could potentially obtain a new source for loans and bonds.

Cambodia's population would be able to get loans and buy more, which in turn, would boost the nation's economy as a whole.
Step Three: Reference
"Accounting and reporting: creation of a new chart of accounts, procedure for carrying out cash payment operations, and recording of operations in foreign currency"
Step Three: Statistics
In order to boost Cambodia's economy, the United States would spend about "$1,014,300" to fund for the construction of a bank.

"[M]ore than 50% of government budget comes from donor assistance" ("Facts").
Step Two: Benefits
Step Two: Reference
Human sex traffic laws
Tourism restrictions
Tourism and human sex trafficking are related and need to be handled together as one problem
Clears up a huge problem within the country
References- Page Two
"The tourism industry has continued to grow rapidly with foreign arrivals exceeding 2 million per year since 2007 and reaching over 3 million visitors in 2012"("Facts").
If human trafficking is limited than the spread of HIV/AIDS is also limited
Central Banking Technical Assistance to Countries in Transition. (1994). Washington D.C. USA: International Monetary Fund.
Differences Between Domestic and International Business. (n.d.). Tradestart. Retrieved February 13, 2014, from http://www.tradestart.ca/domestic-vs-international
China 2013 foreign investment inflows hit record high. (2014, January 10). Reuters. Retrieved February 13, 2014, from http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/16/us-china-economy-fdi-idUSBREA0F0EI20140116
Step Four: Technical Aid
Schools - teachers

Step 5: Domestic Business/Foreign Direct Investment
Step 5: Benefits
Step 5: Statistics
Step 5: Reference
"China has obvious advantages as a destination for foreign investment in coming years, given its huge domestic market, strong infrastructure support, skilled labor force and relatively stable social system"
Step Four: Benefits
Creates a foundation
Beginning step in giving Cambodia dependency from other countries' aid
Step Four: Statistics
Step Four: Reference
School life expectancy: 10 years
Literacy rate: 73.9% of the population
"The level of competition you will experience in foreign markets is likely to be more dynamic and complex than you experience in domestic markets."

"The population lacks education and productive skills, particularly in the impoverished countryside, which also lacks basic infrastructure" ("Facts").
"The garment industry currently employs more about 400,000 people and accounts for about 70% of Cambodia's total exports" ("Facts").
United States gave technical aid to Afghanistan
The U.S. could use foreign direct investment to allow Cambodia spending money, as well as a monetary resource to improve its businesses and create services.
Presented by: Daniel Wilkin, Megan McCaw, and Emily Dare
The U.S. invested quite a large sum of money in China last year. Due to that, China's economy is expected to grow.
World Relief Anti-Trafficking

FAAST (Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking
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