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2013-14 Prezi Ambassador Bi-Weekly Report Template

No description

Ashley Whitlatch

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of 2013-14 Prezi Ambassador Bi-Weekly Report Template

Prezi Ambassador Bi-Weekly Report
Prezi Ambassador Bi-Weekly Report
Make sure to include:
Update on what you have accomplished the previous week
What you have planned for the next week
Update on your SMART goals & Social Media #'s
(include link to your action plan prezi)
> Be Specific.
> Again these weekly reports should be for reporting on big events, best practices, specific things on campus that have been very successful or unsuccessful, challenges, etc.
> It's okay to report that you began something, or researched something. Not everything happens inside two weeks, and preparatory activities may take time and add value.
> Also, for pitching blog posts, awesome prezis from your campus you'd like to share, etc.
> Please keep the structure, so that I can easily navigate.
Due Dates
September- 16th and 30th
October- 14th and 28th
November- 11th
December- 9th and 23rd
January- 20th
February- 3rd and 17th
March- 3rd and 31st
April- 14th and 28th
May- 12th and 26th
June- 9th and 23rd
U.S. Schools
Int. Schools
September- 9th and 23rd
October- 7th and 21st
November- 4th and 18th
December- 16th
January- 13th and 27th
February- 10th and 24th
March- 10th
April- 7th and 21st
May- 5th and 19th
June- 2nd and 16th
Date Last Updated:
Date Last Updated:
Addt'l Comments
Next Steps/To Do
Feel free to change/move the elements of the report around (i.e. shrinking the text to allow for
in-depth analysis, including graphics, analytics, etc.)
Always REMEMBER to update the path of your prezi to the CURRENT report.
Great example of modifying the template!
Social Media #'s
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