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Newell Rubbermaid Presentation

No description

Audrey De Guzman

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Newell Rubbermaid Presentation

“Newell Rubbermaid helps people flourish every day, where they live, learn, work and play.”

Industry Landscape: Exploring the Writing Tools Industry
Approaching the Question
Closing Remarks
Conducting Research
Market Research
1. Industry Landscape
2. Approaching the Question
3. Conducting Research
4. Market Research
5. Recommendations
6. Q&A
7. Closing Thoughts
Highly competitive field
New product development is essential to differentiation
Technology replacing some office supplies
Increased environmental regulations
“What are the benefits of writing by hand?”
1. Conduct our own research
2. Look at existing market research
Key Findings
Reasons for handwriting
helps with retaining info
less distracting
visual aesthetics
“Handwriting my notes forces me to think about the concepts and remember things.” (TJ, pre-BBA)
Situational factors
teacher decisions
type of class
Survey: Looking at Handwriting
Interviews: Looking at handwriting vs. electronic devices
No strong correlation but there is
potential for exploration
Interesting Insights about Millennials
Interested in causes and cause marketing
Source: O'Donnell, Fiona. Marketing to Millennials. Rep. Mintel, Feb. 2014. Web
Research product and pricing before they shop
Innovate packaging
Simple, green, causes
Focus on consumer engagement
Trial stations
Emphasize a value
Create a lifestyle
Implement more specific consumer targeting
Explore correlation with majors
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