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My Rosetta

No description

Emily Rosario

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of My Rosetta

My Rosetta
By Judith Ortiz Cofer

Background Information
Judith Ortiz Cofer was born in 1952 in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico. She has written many stories for all ages and says it hasn't been easy.
The author and the speaker is Judith Ortiz Cofer.
The occasion for this piece to be written is the authors curiosity of finding out about things her family never discussed with her.
Background Information
The audience is towards young adults of all ages.
The purpose of this essay was to persuade readers to be their own person and not be afraid of trying new things or being open minded.
The subject is the impact Sister Rosetta made on Judith.
The essay is about Judith (The Speaker) telling us details of Sister Rosetta and how she impacted her life. Sister Rosetta was different from the other nuns/teachers.
The speaker is remembering a woman who played a small but significant role in her life.
Central Message
Certain people will come into your life and play an important and significant role, theirs someone who you could look up to and create a model off of.
Rhetorical Devices
Teresa M. & Emily R.
"sounds that made me want to dance, yell, break out of my parents' cocoon of an apartment, sprout wings, and fly away from my predictable life"
Physical Appearance
"She was not an attractive woman. Her face, although bright wit, ...
...the slightly bulbous nose, plump red-veined cheeks and closet set eyes-"
The way Sister Rosetta appeared seemed different from what she was thought and what shed expect from a stricked church school and it made her think differently about things and people.
Wrap It Up
To sum things up no matter
what your traditions are their will always come a time where you will be more open-minded to explore new things that may be different from whatyou are used to. Their also maybe someone you may look up to because of who they are.
This shows how she felt trapped in her parents home without being able to express her real self and feelings.
"OK, my little dumplings"
This shows how Sister Rosetta always showed a positive attitude toward her job even though she didn't like it. She was always nice to her student but in a kind of strict manner, she was kind of laid back.
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