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The Shang Dynasty

A brief presentation on politics, economy and social of the dynasty.

Jessica Barth

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty Contents ! the role of woman and children The social classes The role of woman and children Art the art of the Shang dinasty was intresting the had
panitings of people Religion The YING YANG symbol The Ying Yang Symbol My artifact was the Ying Yang Symbol.
this Ying Yang symbol represents many things for the
Shang dynasty. ying is the black side
and it represents.
Soft The Yang side is the color white and represents
Hard Culture THE END The levels of society The main idea of the shang dynasty was art culture and religion. the shang dinasty all so took place in the year The Shang dynasty took place in the year 1766 BC to 1122 BC.
this is the time at which the Shang ruled. the types of jobs that woman and children had during this time was that most of the woman took care of he children other job that they might have had at this time would be maby working in the feilds or looking after the house hold.
the children depending on if they were male or female did certan things as in
The main idea for the Shang dynasty.... 商朝商朝 By: Jessica Barth The levels of society The levels of the society in the Shang Dynasty were simple in a way the poeple were put in to category from who they were and up on top of this chain was the Emperor and after him would be the nobels of that time; after them would be the pesents and such as for the army each family had to give one man from each family and this is mostley all the levels of the society.

Fact: not sure what dynasty this was from but people had to put there hair in a certain braid to tell if they were maired or not or if you were a boy or girl. The social classes The social classes of the Shang dynasty were effected by the rich or pore because it depended on how much money you had or who you were this cause the classes to change were people stood on it.
But no matter how they changed the Emperor would all ways be on top of the scale of the soicle class.
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