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Media Oral

No description

Michelle Salem

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Media Oral

Glidden Paint
Media Plan Media Objectives Response To Earlier Questions Other Recommended Media Selected DMA’s based on high concentration of Walmart’s
Missouri-Kansas City
West Virginia-Charleston Huntington
Kansas Wichita-Hutchinson
Mississippi Biloxi-Gulport
Oklahoma-Oklahoma City
Arkansas Little Rock- Pine Bluff
DMA’s used primarily for geographic targeting on social networks 9 Spot Market List Magazine, Newspaper, Broadcast TV, and Other Selections and Rationales Other Media Considered Media Strategy
Use a dominance approach by advertising in the following relevant mediums:
– Magazines
– In-store
– Internet
– Below the Line Media Strategy Flowchart, Budget, Expected Freq. & Reach 3)Media Objectives
4)Competitive Analysis
5)Target Audience and their Media Habits
6)Recommended Media Selection
7)Media Strategy, Budget, Expected Reach and Frequency, Flowchart
8)Magazine, Newspaper and Broadcast TV Selection and Rationale
9)Spot Market List
10)Other Media Considered
11)Responses to Earlier Questions
12)Any Other Issues Target Audience Magazines
Social Media
In Store
Contest/Coupon By: Elizabeth Hanna, Anthony La Rosa, Anna Morale, Michael Periera, Michelle Salem, Matthew Shyman Overview Competitive Analysis Recommended Media Selection Online:
Social Media:
In Store
Welcome Screen
Health & Beauty
Below the Line:
In Store Coupons Radio:
Traditional radio was not selected because it was discovered that the target of millennial is more likely to listen to streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify
Ads on the online platforms also allow for a visual component which is inline with our creative strategy
Other magazines reviewed but not selected because:
Index number too low
Reach was too low
Price was too high for the amount of reach
Content of magazine too different from product •Utilize $10 million budget to generate greater awareness of Glidden’s distribution at Wal-Mart
•Leverage Wal-Mart’s existing customer base to make Wal-Mart their first choice for paint
• Female Millennials who would shop Wal-Mart for home products
•Current loyal Wal-Mart shoppers
•Older shoppers who appreciate the convenience of Wal-Mart
•Use media vehicles that can effectively create awareness among aforementioned target
•Improve Glidden’s brand reputation
•Increase number of loyal customers Thank You! Magazine Rationale:
They each had a significant reach
Preferred media of target
High interest from target
Was not selected
Expensive for color ads, black and white was not in line with creative strategy
Used online news providers instead
Broadcast TV:
Was not selected due to high price and limited budget
We felt that online TV services like Hulu would sufficiently cover the target at a lower cost
Target newspaper sites that our target reads and accesses, higher reach than traditional paper and cheaper
Allows for ads on mobile platforms too
Use online radio, since it is more popular than traditional among millenials
Allows for visual ads along with audio
Hulu allows for reach to followers of broadcast and cable shows and video ads
What message will the creative strategy focus?
The message shows that painting a room has an emotional aspect
The room must be unique and customized to reflect the individual
Painting is not decorating, it creates a tone and feeling
Who is your target market/audience?
Current Walmart shoppers
Baby Boomers
What media do you plan to use to reach them?
Plan to target our audience by placing ads in magazines, internet, entertainment channels and in store
Choosing other channels like social media allows us to target the younger audience and allows for metrics and specific targeting Creative
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