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Survival Guide for Quest

What you need to know for this classroom!

Christy Campos

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Survival Guide for Quest

Quest Daily Records:
Starting your Day
End of the Day
Finished Early
When Mrs. Campos needs your attention:
Class Participation:
Getting up:
Leaving the room:
Quest 2017
Survival Guide
1. Write concise informative documentation of you learning. Be reflective.
2.Evaluate your skills for the day.
3.Write a note to Mrs. Campos at the bottom.
1.As a class, not everyone will arrive at different times. So you are to start your day independently.
a.Mrs. Campos will say, “Hello Rachel”
b.As a class you will reply, “Spot of tea governor” in your best British accent.
i.Put your eyes on Mrs. Campos
ii.Be quiet
iii.Be still
* Mrs. Campos will create new attention getters based on class personality
1.Participate in class.
2.Raise your hand.
3.Wait for Mrs. Campos to call on you before you share.
4.During group work, take turns speaking. (If you do interrupt, apologize.)
1. Line up.
2.Door opens when it is quiet.
3.Be sure to have what you need.
Mrs. Campos'
Here to help and challenge you
Take risk, explore the possiblilities
Fast paced
1. When you are ready.
2. Continue working at the same time.
3.Your snack should be healthy and not messy.
4. Do not bring foods that make a mess on your hands.
5. Plain water
Don't expect for things to be perfect
Follow this and we will have a good year!
1.Free to get up for tissue/trash reasons when formal class is not occuring.
2.For water or the restroom, you will need permission. Please try to wait until I am not teaching to ask for permission.
a.Sign the restroom sheet by the door.
3.If you are going to be sick, please leave!
a. Hang your backpack up on the hooks.
b. Sharpen your pencil—This is the only time to sharpen pencils.
c. Get a copy of the morning work and other important flyers from the black trays.
2. Morning Work
a.This is independent because everyone is going to exercise their brain without getting the solutions from someone else.
b.It is okay not to finish.
c.We will go over the answers later in the day. If you did not solve the puzzler, please do not fill in the answers. You can work on the puzzler the next time you come or at home.
d.Some students will leave for book club around 9:00. Just after that time, if you are still working on morning work, you will be allowed to work with your group to help each other solve questions. However, do not tell anyone the answers.
a.The class walks in a line with their hands either behind their backs or in their pockets. b.There is no talking. c.No gaps in the line—we have somewhere to be!
1.Boys and girl will split into two lines 2.1st in line will the monitors. Go and check the restrooms, and if something is dirty or broken tell Mrs. Campos. Quietly, call in the other students according to how many clean stalls are available. 3.When it is your turn, take care of your business with as little talking as possible. 4. Wash your hands or get hand sanitizer. 5. Get a drink of water if you want one on your way back to your line.

1.Finish an earlier assignment
2.You may do any of the following depending on time available.
a.Draw—Mrs. Campos loves art
b.Read—Mrs. Campos has
many books she would love
to share with you
c.Work on a project of your choice
Lunch:1.Follow all of the Rugel lunch rules like staying in your seat and using manners.
2. Lunch is not silent, but you should be soft spoken, so it doesn't get too loud.
Recess: We will have recess 15 minutes before lunch. This will be time for you to interact with your peers. I will be watching you interact together.
1.There is a bag of recess equipment that we share with the other Quest grades.
2.Tag and football are "NOs!"
3.Do not exclude anyone.
4.No bullying.
5.Call the rules before starting a four square game.
6.Stay where I can see you.
1. Leave your work in your Quest folder, and place it on Mrs. Campos' teacher cart. 2.Clean up your work area. 3.Line up 4.When everyone is in line, you will each tell me goodbye: Handshake, hug, or high five. 5.Get on the bus to go back to your school. 6.Behave on the bus!
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