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UO Food Services- Policies and Procedures

The basics of University of Oregon's policies and procedures for work in Food Services

Benjamin Wilkinson

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of UO Food Services- Policies and Procedures

Student Food Service Worker Orientation University of Oregon Welcome to Food Services! Food
Services Central
Kitchen Catering Dining
Outlets Barnhart Carson Dux Bistro Fresh! MarketCafe Hamilton Common Grounds Fire & Spice Grab N Go Big Mouth Burrito Kari VanOrsdel Lynn Alvarez Ruben Moreno Benjamin Wilkinson Chef Dominic Sachet
Dave Bitner Chef Dan Irvin Lead Workers Food Service Coordinators FS Worker 3 / Cook 2 FS Worker 2 / Cook 1 Student Food Service Workers Lead workers lead the work in an assigned unit
Place SFSW in assignments for day/term
Give direction and guidance to SFSW on tasks/stations/etc
May ask SFSW to complete different tasks depending on the needs of the unit
Track attendance and performance for each
Give evaluations and recommendations of SFSW performance

Always ASK lead workers for guidance. They are there to help you succeed. Unit Lead Workers Food Safety We are a leader in food safety.
Our customers trust us to serve great tasting and safe to eat food.
The number one cause of food borne illness is... Food Safety Depends on You! YOU Accident Prevention Dry with paper towel. handwashing personal hygeine FOOD SAFETY Before work. TWICE after using the bathroom.
It's the Law! Soap & Hot Water for
AT LEAST 20 seconds.
Front, back, nails, wrists, etc. When gloves are contaminated or soiled. HACCP Enough
Sleep Clean Uniform
White Apron
Appropriate Pants Showering/Bathing Shoes
Closed Toed/Heeled
Non-Skid/Safe Hair Net/Black Hat
Name Tag CONTROL HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL POINT Bi-hourly temperatures Foods must be out of the danger zone
41 - 140 degrees Notify a lead worker if foods are in the danger zone Accidents Whenever you use a knife for prep work Spills Cut Gloves Protect the spill
Put up wet floor sign
Clean up immediately. Proactive communication prevents accidents
Report ALL accidents immediately Cut glove on non-knife hand Plastic glove under & over cut glove Attendance Sick:
unable to work if diarrhea, vomiting or fever NO CALL/NO SHOW Be On Time Know Your Schedule Know your schedule
Be on time
Call in if Sick
Get Subs for Time off
=Professionalism Professionalism Call the UNIT you are working in at least 2 HOURS before your shift. If your shift starts before 9 am, leave a message. Otherwise you MUST speak to a lead worker. Take the name of the lead worker. Failure to call is a No Call/No Show. Tardiness may be grounds for termination Ready means in proper uniform 5 minutes before your scheduled shift Abuse of sick days may result in progressive discipline IS GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION Use Sub-Binder or Trade board in W2W
to sign up for shifts and write in your replacement You must cover your own shifts Must be Approved by Management or lead worker in your unit/station Time Off Shifts must be covered by Friday for the following week. Perks, Breaks and Pay Get Paid! Clock in using your ID or 95#
Pay period runs the 13th to the 12th.
Pay day is the last day of the month
If you forget to clock in, tell a lead worker and have them write it down.
If you do not clock in or write it down, you will not get paid. Get Breaks! 2 hr to 5.99 hr shift =
15 min paid break
6 hr shift =
15 min paid, 30 min unpaid
6.01 hr to 10 hr shift =
2x 15 min paid, 30 min unpaid JSA & Food Handlers Job Safety Analysis
Complete Checklist with Lead Worker

Oregon Food Handler's Card
Must complete within 1 week
Either online or with UO
Online Course is good anywhere
Our course is only good at UO Get Food! 1 shift meal per day worked
not shift worked
Eat in the venue you work at
Nothing prepackaged
Shift meal can be taken 30 min before or after your shift
Issued meal ticket by lead worker Questions?
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