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Hero's Journey: Spider-Man

No description

Kaitlin Cintron

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man A Hero's Journey The Call to Adventure The call to adventure in Spider-Man is when Peter Parker is on a school trip to a museum and gets bitten by a rare breed of spider. He then starts gaining spider-like qualities. The Guardian The guardian in this case isn't physically there for Peter. Instead, the guardian is the advice or sayings from Peter's uncle Ben. The supernatural aid is when Peter Parker let's the robber at the wrestling match free instead of stopping him. Challenges/Trials Transformation/Revelation The transformation is when the Green Goblin tries killing Peter Parker's aunt and he realizes that his loved ones will be affected so he starts becoming more mature and finally sees that with great power comes great responsibility. By: Kaitlin Cintron Supernatural Aid The challenges and trials of Spider-Man is when Peter Parker starts saving people in the city and gains publicity but people start seeing him more as a villain than a hero. He then gains an enemy, The Green Goblin. The Revelation The revelation is when Peter Parker starts being in content with his new life. He starts to learn to except his new life as a super hero. Return The return is when Peter Parker is attending Norman Osborn’s funeral. He is back to everyday life, and as of now he is at peace with himself and the world. His gift is his Uncle Ben’s words- “With great power comes great responsibility”. He now chooses to live by this quote everyday for the rest of his life.
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