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Venture Labs ideate assignment

50 ideas to determine if the candidate is the right person for the job!

Stefan de Bruijn

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Venture Labs ideate assignment

Post hiring solutions
Extend the trial period of a new employee
Use a trainee ship so the candidate can try out different functions and the organizations gets to know the new employee
Training on the job: shape the candidate
Make it easier to fire people when they do not perform
Let the candidate deposit an amount of money, which they only get back after 3 years
Give the candidate a bonus when they stay for a long period of time
In what way might a manager determine if a candidate is the right person for the job?
Application phase solutions
Manage expectations: make sure the job description is realistic
Test drive'the candidate for 2-3 days
Let other employees decide after the trial period
Let the candidate complete a difficult task together with the team
Have a strong focus on everything except the work during the application phase
Only hire people though direct recommendations. Do not use job advertisements.
Make use of peer reviews
Make use of references (family/friends/customers/former employers)
Work only with intermediates that can 'guarantee' the candidate (refund when not OK)
Let the candidate add a psychological research to the resume
Let the candidate use a fixed format for the application letter
Let the candidate add a video message to the application letter
Increase the application period to one year, with multiple interviews
Meet the candidates parents and friends
Invent some kind of dossier that is shared among employers (a bit like linkedin, but more realistic)
Send the candidate to a personal development training and ask them afterward if they still want the job.

Interview solutions
Be very clear about the expected salary development
Let the candidate present a case
Make use of psychological testes
Make use of role playing
Create a list with good interview questions for each aspect of the job profile (at least 25 per aspect)
Involve other people in the job interviews
Ask only about personal things, not about skils or experience
Do the job interview at the candidates house
Integrate existing methods (like enneagram) with the job interview
Ridiculous solutions
Competition: hire 3 candidates and let the best one stay
Use a lie detector
Brain scan
Use some kind of biometric tool
Let customers decide on what type of candidate to hire
Let customers decide which candidate to hire
Let a friend speak for the candidate during the interview
Let customers do the interview
Lock up the candidate and the manager in a room for 24 hours
Let the manager and the candidate get drunk together
Visit the candidate incognito at his/hers current job or education
Hire a detective
Let team members and the candidate go on holiday together
Idea Selection

1. Most practical: define 25 interview questions for each aspect of the job profile.

2. Most Disruptive: Lock up the manager and the candidate in a room for a 24 hour interview.

3. Favorite: Have the job interview in the personal space (e.g. the home) of the candidate.
Venture Labs Ideation

50 possible solutions to the 'finding the right candidate for the job' problem

Pre-Job Solutions
Only hire school graduates after an internship at the same job
The school / university has to train personal skills as well
A psychological profile should be part of the diploma
Internship reviews (by employers) should be part of the diploma
Combine study with (real) work so the student gets to know his interests and profile better
The first idea is about giving the interviewer a guideline. After determining what profile the candidate should have (which is in the job description), the interviewer can select a set of questions that cover all aspects of the needed profile.
The second solution is based on the idea that a candidate cannot keep on pretending for 24 hours in the same room. The manager and candidate get to know each other really well and both can decide if there is a match or not.
The third idea is based on this same concept. By showing the personal space, the manager gets to know a lot about the candidate that would not be visible during a job interview at the office.
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