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Copy of Does age matter in a relationship?

Argument Presentation

Deyaa Deek

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Does age matter in a relationship?

Evelyn Minero Table of Contents Introduction
Counter Argument
My side of the Arguement
Conclusion Introduction Does Age Matter
in a Relationship? Does age matter in a relationship? To some people it matters because they feel as if the other partner has more or less experience witch causes them to think theres an age limit. However, to some other people age is just a number that doesnt mean anything as long as theres love between two people its fine. Someone who is younger or older than you is a matter of preference. My Argument In my opinion I believe that age doesn't matter
in a relationship because it doesn't matter how old or young you are when it comes to dating. I think when two people are in love there is no obstacles that can separate them because their love will be stronger and it would be inseparable. Counter Argument Wide age caps can cause complications
related to lifestyles, physically and mentally because the older person might think they have lived life longer and are more experenced. They also might think they are not good enough and the younger person deserves someone closer to there age. Conclusion Ricky Daisy Many things tend to "go" as we age. Our
love lives don't have to though. Despite
what some people may think, the need
for romance doesn't age. And age doesnt matter between two people who are truely in love.
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