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Changing the Landscape of Identity Management

No description

Marc Potter

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Changing the Landscape of Identity Management

With Identity Management
is the Remedy
6 keys to Greytower Identity Changing the Landscape
To Learn More
Call us at 800-403-8041
or visit
Changes the Landscape
of Enterprise
Identity and Access Management
Gartner Calls this the "Nexus of Forces"
The traditional identity management suites were not built for the converging technology world we have today.
These Legacy identity systems are rigid, built on proprietary platforms, directory driven and non-flexible.
The fundamental problems that drove identity management in the first place have arguably been solved...
Now new product upgrades are trying to address the shortcomings
by the solution installed to handle the fundamentals
Automated Provisioning
Directory Synchronization
for example
Gartner calls this convergence
"The Nexus of Forces"
Many of these "big bang" systems are arguably very effective, yet they are
creating new problems
driving project costs up and project times longer.
New challenges like cloud, social, and mobile disrupted the identity machine
This has resulted in total project implementation costs of up to 3x the cost of the software license alone.
Much of the cost directly tied to:
Time to implement
X cost of consultants
Consultants that were required due to the inflexible and proprietary nature of the "big bang" identity suites *
see slide 2
click to view video, stop before proceeding
The New Role of Identity Management in Cloud Services
Simply put, The solution is broken and its costing you money
CRM System
Email System
HR System
Production System
Accounting System
Example of traditional Hub and Spoke Architecture
Identity Integration relies on proprietary connectors built using specialized development toolsets
*see slide 2
Hub and Spoke works, but it is rigid, meaning changing any single endpoint could break the entire identity integration.
Change one of these business systems, risk breaking all of these.
Identity management’s role in delivering cloud services will become more prominent than simple security and business process support role...
...it will become more of a
primary business process automation technology.
“If the identity suite installed is built on proprietary identity architecture, it may be subject to forklift upgrades, where as an identity architecture built on standards such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is less subject to the same level of disruption.”
“Having a solution that can properly address
scalability to the cloud and between separate cloud
providers will be crucial.”
Inside the Box Thinking
"Identity Management is a security function only"
"Identity Management is a necessary evil with no business process value"
Thinking Outside The Box
Consider Scale Out Identity, a modular a-la-carte way of buying what you need, as you need it.

Remove Geographic Barriers: Identity Services should be consumed easily by any system both on premises or in the cloud.

Standards Based:
Identity Services should be able to communicate with other services regardless of vendor
Make Identity Services Dynamic:
Empower granular management of policies allowing for less political standoffs

Not True!
Support The Business Process Goals
Emphasis on supporting business processes that support business goals

The Solution?
Identity Management!
This is Business Driven Identity Management
Embrace the SOA Principles
Welcome The Cloud
Allow Digital Identities to work toward your business goals
Bridge the Gap between your identity system & your Integration system (SOA / ESB)
Business Process Driven
Identity Management!
Built on Proven SOA Foundation
Developer APIs
Advanced Mobile Capability
Cloud, On Premises, or ID as a Service Deployment Models
Native Integration with Mulesoft
Built with the End User Experience in Mind
Greytower has the
to be deployed in several ways, including a
Cloud, On Premises, or fully managed Identity
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