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No description

Adam Rowden

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Graffiti

My documentary, Urban Art Wars, is a short film designed to give the viewer a insight into the graffiti scene in Cairns. Showcasing Daniel 'Wally' Wallwork, and his rise from graffiti vandal, to one of the most sort after graffiti artists in the Far North. Taking on the approach of such other graffiti documentaries as 'Infamy', I plan on giving the viewer a personal insight into Wally's life as a graffiti artist, and the lives of his peers that share his passion of graffiti, that is unfortunately often frowned upon by the wider community.
Graffiti originated in ancient Italy as inscriptions and drawings on sculptures and walls.
Graffiti was found in 1851 in the ruins of Pompeii.
Whereas Romans consider graffiti as a form of urban art, many westerners consider it vandalism.
Introducing Daniel
Opening Scene:
Sound of spray can shaking, then the sound of spray paint.
Over the shoulder shot of teen spray painting fence.
Pan to left, shot of another teen keeping a look out (also known as a spotter).
Over the shoulder shot from right hand side of teen spray painting fence. Spotter can been seen in background.
Spotter shouts: Leg it
Pan to Old Man: What are you punk kids doing?
Slow motion shot of spray can falling to the ground as teens leg it.
Wide angle shot of Graffiti and old man.
Old Man: It's actually not that bad.
Graffiti Styles
The idea is to spend a couple of weekends following Wally and his peers around town as they do their thing. The aim is to show them in a positive light, and really highlight the skills that they have and the artwork that they can produce. I'd like to explore their character, find out where they get their inspirations from. Is it just teenage rebellion or do they want to make careers out of being artists like Wally.

Urban Art Wars
Throw Ups
Graffiti Styles

The main role within my production that I would undertake, would be that of lead camera operator. My main interest lies with camera operation. I like to take shots from multiple view points and I'm always looking for ways of improving on how shots are viewed. This adds value to any production as there is often many different camera angles to choose from. Ultimately we would try and shoot scenes both in broad daylight and under the cover of darkness.
Chosen Role
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