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Revision Tips For Exam Success

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Matt Cannon

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Revision Tips For Exam Success

1. Self Testing
Self testing is pretty self explanatory, although most students try and avoid tests as much as possible studies show a massive advantage can be gained by regularly self testing.
How To Self Test
Flash Cards, create a bank of questions on flash cards regarding the subject and work through, excellent because they are portable and you can be done for 5 minutes or an hour.
Spreading your Study over time
In an experiment that compared three sets of students who all had to learn the English equivalent of spanish words and then had six revision sessions:

The first group did the revision sessions back to back
The second group one day apart
The third group 30 days apart

In a study of 14,000 participants students recalled more after spaced study (47%) than massed study (37%).
Channeling your inner 4 year old
Always ask Why?
Mixing your revision practice
Avoid studying just one topic or type of problem in a revision session try to interleave a variety of problems.
The following presentation will show you tips and tricks to improve your revision
Revision Tips For Exam Success
The Cornell System for note taking, when taking notes divide the page into two columns with the first column only covering the first few inches, when taking notes in class enter key terms or questions into this column that cover the work adjacent. When revising cover up the notes and answering the questions/key terms.
Past Papers, boring but effective. Past papers are available online at your exam boards webpage or several internet sites. For added help ask your teacher to provide you with mark schemes and examiner reports.
If possible get feedback!!
1. Revision should be encouraged throughout the year of all subjects covered, it's never too early to start revision and the earlier you start the more effective it will be.
2. Revision timetable from the beginning of the year with tests on information taught 30 days beforehand.
What Not To Do!
1. Highlighting
2. Rereading
3. Imagery for Text learning
4. Mnemonics
5. Summarisation
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