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Tiger Evolution

No description

zakria nazier

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Tiger Evolution

TIGER'S EVOLUTION Millions of years ago the Saber tooth Tigers had very long and deadly canines on top of there jaw that can kill very easily and their teeth can can stop their preys wind tube and stop them from breathing Saber tooth Tiger Canines Today Tigers have long and power full and deadly canines but they are not as big and long like the Saber tooth Tiger. Today the tigers have black strips unlike the Saber tooth Tiger millions of years a go. Modern day Tiger Modern day Tigers canines Saber tooth Tiger Millions of years a go Saber tooth Tigers had no black strips like they do now Tails Millions of years ago Saber tooth Tigers had a small tail unlike they do now Habitat Modern day Tigers habitat Because of the Saber tooth Tiger living in the ice age and since the ice age had a lot of snow, today we still have a tiger that lives in the snow the Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger THANK YOU FOR LISTENING Saber tooth Tigers habitat
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