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No description

AJ Dangan

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of UberHaxorNova

By: AJ Dangan
Nova started out making machinima on his channel in 2008 along with short Let's Play videos. He soon started making commentaries, both for his channel and machinima. Eventually the focus of his channel changed from machinima to commentaries on a whole.
James 'Nova' Wilson Jr. is a youtuber mainly known for his inappropriate gags and for raging. He has, however shown softer sides. He plays various games with his group of friends , known as Creatures.
Subscribers and Fans
Nova currently have 2,000,000+ subscribers and He is most subscribed in his group. He hit 1million on July 30, 2012 and hit 2 million on August 8.
Nova is in a group called the creatures along with Ze, Kootra, Sp00n, Imm0rtal, Sly, Dan and Seamus.
Anal Army
The Anal Army is a mock fanbase title some of Nova's fans have given themselves, while nothing about it is actually official. Fans speculate that the whole idea of this was born from how Nova keeps changing his username on Steam or other games to names involving the word "anal", such as "Anal_O and "Anal Decomposer," to avoid being stalked.
I personally do not join these because I don't want to sit all day and argue over the internet.
Fanwars occured wherein Youtuber users argued who is the better Youtuber between PewDiePie, Nova, and Tobuscus. The 3 have said that they may end the fanwar by collaborating with eachother but have not made any further reports .
Alter Egos
Most of Nova's known egos are his halloween like costumes he has purchased/rented over the years. They appeared in several of his videos. Recently he has worn them when they go watch movies in the movie theaters.
The End
I'm pretty sure Jesse and William are also fans of his.
* Warning contains swearing*
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