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Mobile Storytelling

No description

Elinda Gjondedaj

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Storytelling

One day with my best friend... obile StoryTelling by Elinda Gjondedaj What is mobile learning What devices can used in
Mobile Learning StoryTelling with any mobile device Storytelling with apps Contents: Poll: What kind of devices do you use? Choose all that apply: 1. Desktop computer 2. Laptop computer 3. Tablet PC 4. Smartphone 5. Old-fashioned phone Poll: Which of these tasks do you feel
comfortable doing on your mobile device? Choose all that apply: 1. Texting
2. Taking a picture or a video
3. Recording audio
4. Downloading & using apps
5. Accessing the internet
6. Receiving and sending emails Mobile Learning is... Take a minute to talk with the person next to you and complete the sentence. One definition of mobile learning is:

Any sort of learning that happens
when the learner is not at a fixed,
predetermined location, or learning
that happens when the learner takes
advantage of the learning
opportunities offered by mobile
technologies. Learners love hearing stories Learners love telling stories Mobile Learning
sounds interesting!
But why
Mobile Storytelling? - Texting
- Taking a picture
- Recording a video
- Recording audio How can these
features used
for Storytelling? What are the in-built capacities
of a mobile phone? -Divide your students into groups

- Take advantage of their mobile device's
inbuilt camera

-Ask them to use some photos from their
mobile devices

- Ask them to set up a story using their

- Students can then present their stories in class Ss can take some pics with
their camera:
- in the classroom
- at home
- during the weekend
- during holidays
- any other idea How can we
use these
for storytelling? One day, same and shiny as any other, I could
not even imagine what it was going to happen as I left home. While I was going to work , I realized that metro employees were on a strike. panic and go to work by bus for a change.It was a good plan B! However, when I arrived to the bus stop, I was completely speechless to see more than 50 people waiting for the same bus as me. I decided not to At this point, anxiety started to appear and a little voice in my head that I was not going to make it started to make the stress far more tense. But, I had another plan in the back of my head.
Someone was waiting me back home. My loyal car
that I rarely use was there ready to rescue me. I went
home quickly and took my car. Finally, I found a solution and I was driving to work. Nevertheless,
after 15 mins of driving I was in the middle of a heavy
traffic jam. This day was going to be a long day... Up to you! Use photos that you have
taken with your mobile
phone or camera or take
some right now to create
your own story using
mobile devices
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